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Submitted By:fridayfrog
Fun:*** (2.86)
Difficulty:* (0.55)

Explosive as the daylight and with the dust I tease,
I whisper through the willows, wreak havoc with the leaves.
You feel me on your face, and hear me in the night,
And with my lonely mournful cries I give you such a fright .
I dance across the landscape, carefree and full of gust,
You can chase me all around, try and catch me if you must .
And in the cold of winter I give you such a chill,
But with the spring I race young foals swiftly up the hills.

The clues now spoken you have my friend, have you guessed me yet ?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by lycanthrope08/04/05
8) Got this without the hint rather easily :lol: I did really enjoy the poetry. you have a way with words. keep them coming :D

Posted by annie969808/04/05
the puzzle itself was very easy, but the poetry was beautiful.

Posted by Sunrose08/04/05
That was beautiful, and well written :D Job well done 8)

Posted by gilco08/04/05
Easy, but good poetry! Good job! :D

Posted by puppygirl121308/04/05
I liked it.:) it would have been harder if shorter. But the length added beauty to it.

Posted by nathalia08/04/05
I got it. The poetry was good, but it almost gave away the answer.

Posted by froggygg08/04/05
A bit easy, but the writing was very creative and quite lovely. :D

Posted by BrownEyes08/05/05
I loved it!

Posted by sueintexas08/05/05
Yes it was very easy but well worth reading, even the hint is poetic. Great job. :D

Posted by joeschmo08/05/05
it was really easy got it after the first 3 lines... :D but hey great poetry..u should submit it to some poetry magazine or something :P

Posted by drussel308/05/05
Pretty easy, bu I like the way you wrote it.

Posted by EVOLNI08/06/05
very easy but also very well said i enjoyed it

Posted by Javian08/06/05
Excellent poem! I loved it :D

Posted by rennebelle08/06/05
very nice poem-- :) and you have a lovely way with words :wink:

Posted by bookworm9111/20/05
great poetry! very easy but extremely enjoyable to read :D keep making them

Posted by rkaaland12/07/05
Beautiful!!!! :D :D :D

Posted by teen_wiz02/03/07
Beautiful poem... simple and pretty. Well done! :)

Posted by JessicaG06/01/09
Easy to guess, but delightfuly written :-)

Posted by doehead06/01/09
EZ EZ EZ :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by bestgirl06/01/09
Enjoyed the poetry very much.

Posted by insomnia06/01/09
Agree with many of the others. The teaser was easy, but the writing was beautiful. Great job!

Posted by wordmama06/01/09
Ditto most of the above. I got the answer from the second line (and I don't often get riddles), but the rest was pretty to read.

Posted by UptheHill06/01/09

Posted by bradon18200106/01/09
Easy, yes, but very nice. I'm sure it took a lot of thought making it just perfect. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by Slayer198206/01/09

Posted by mojo_gal506/01/09
Easy, but who doesn't like an easy teaser once in a while? The poetry was so pretty!

Posted by jcann06/01/09
I agree with all of the above positive comments. Those were my thoughts exactly even before I read the comments. :)

Posted by crystal100006/01/09
Extremely easy, and extremely well written.

Posted by auntiesis06/02/09
Beautifully done, but easy. Got it right away, even before I read the whole verse. :D

Posted by Babe06/01/12
The answer came so easily, Right from the very start, But your words revealed upon the screen Really touched my heart!

Posted by Sarah-orchid06/01/12
I just loved it!!!! u r a great poet!!!! great poem!!!! I want more like this, from u!!!!!!!!! :wink: 8) love that¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!

Posted by crazy10man06/01/12
Your verse was a delight to read!!! Thank you!!!

Posted by iggy3906/01/12
Thanks fridayfrog for posting this one it was very easy but a joy to read and I did enjoy it very much. 8) :D

Posted by Knightingale07/16/14
Lovely to read, nice one!

Posted by raisin9906/01/15
similar to several other comments...very simple, but quite nicely written

Posted by thecatladycac06/01/15
Very easy - but very nicely written! :D :D


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