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OR OR #2

Submitted By:fishmed
Fun:*** (3.04)
Difficulty:** (1.87)

Every clue below can be answered with a two word phrase in which each word contains OR. Your job is to figure out what they are. Good luck.

1. Title for the head of London
2. Largest city in the Beaver State
3. Northern Lights
4. Author of 1984
5. Piece of paper you fill out in a catalog
6. Twining plant with funnel-shaped flowers
7. Pyongyang's country
8. Neighborhood place to buy a quart of milk


1. Lord Mayor
2. Portland Oregon
3. Aurora Borealis
4. George Orwell
5. Order Form
6. Morning Glory
7. North Korea
8. Corner Store

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by froggygg09/19/05
Another great one! This time it was the author that kept me from getting a perfect "score"! :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by smarty_blondy09/19/05
Awsome teaser and, an awsome job you've done with it. Now, should we expect more...? :wink: :D

Posted by Sunrose09/19/05
Keep 'em coming! :P Another good one. I had fun working this one out as well. Nice Job 8)

Posted by teaser5509/22/05
Allright good job.Got most of them,whole lotta fun to work on. 8)

Posted by realm234610/24/05
i like these teasers ..I get half of the answers right, plus i finally learned some geography..... Nice .... I learned something today...Whoa, it's almost midnight...great teaser...Bye, guys.

Posted by scallio10/03/06
Great one... except I didn't get Lord Mayor or Morning Glory. Proud to call the Beaver State my home! :)

Posted by OldChinaHand10/03/06
Enjoyable and challenging. 8)

Posted by lmurray10/03/06

Posted by marschie10/03/06
I think IMURRAY is trying to upgrade the quality of these teasers. Most people accuse him of being negative ...and they're wrong. I got half of these two-word answers without much thought and would have gotten three more with only a teeny bit of searching. The only one I might never get was Morning Glory. Give IMURRAY some slack.

Posted by twinklyspangle10/03/06
Nicely difficult, didn't get the state (I'm english, so that doesn't count anyway) & morning glory. Thank you xx

Posted by nu_rob_roy10/03/06
I could get 'Morning Glory' but the rest were fun. Good way to start a day. :P And imu, as for "ORDINARY", where, as everyone keeps wondering, at 295 are "YOUR" genius challengers. :roll:

Posted by cincigirl4ever10/03/06
well, i personaly liked this teaser. it was interesting and i learned a few things. thnks!

Posted by coachpisco10/03/06
Very well done. A bit easy, but lots of fun. Nice job. Thanks.

Posted by coachpisco10/03/06
IMURRAY, just enjoy the day and that you are able to THINK at all. You're too hard on these people. Sometimes, one hides ones deficiencies under the cloak of criticism. Is this you?

Posted by Badger10/03/06
Darn! Missed Morning Glory. I don't suppose Orange Orchid works, does it? :lol: Fun teaser. THANKS FOR SUBMITTING! :D

Posted by karenokupniak10/03/06
"Lord Mayor" took a couple of minutes. I'm a Yank who had to think a bit as to which one is the "Beaver State". Enjoyed it!

Posted by bradon18200110/03/06
I must admit I thought this was easy, but also have to admit I didn't get them all. That's what this site is all about -- learning. Mission accomplished. :o

Posted by rhmaustin10/03/06
Don't care what "Immuray" says -- I liked it.

Posted by rhmaustin10/03/06
That should be "Imurray" -- sorry.

Posted by bestgirl10/03/06
What's wrong with wanting a teaser to be more of a challenge. Imurray was right--this was ordinary. No thinking involved, you just knew them or not. Is this negative??? Why???

Posted by vlerma10/03/06
Good oone Fishmed, didn't get Lord Mayor. Ilove the idea that you tried to include words that would be to familiar to people all over, such as England and North Korea as etc. Nice job Fish, More please? :D

Posted by schmedley910/03/06
well I didn't like that one very much because I didn't get the lion one. Oh well I better go watch Barney while my mom changes my diaper. Oh yeah I love the brain teaser but next time do something with Barney in it.l. I love that purple and green fela. He is so adorable. Well I am missing Barney gtg.

Posted by Pizzazz2u10/03/06
Remember, everyone! These are just comments! lmurray is allowed to make his comment, negative or not, as much as most everyone else making their comments, postive or neutral. The teaser was relaxing and I thought it was quick fun! WTG, fish. :P :wink:

Posted by schmedley910/03/06
I LOVE YOU YOU LOVE ME, WHERE A HAPPY FAMILY, WITH A GREAT BIG HUG AND A KISS FROM ME TO YOU, WON'T YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME TOOOOOOOOO. Iam in love with Barney, especially when he goes in that manly tree house of his. I thiink BJ is hot too. Well my mom needs to change my diaper. Bye. And rember I LOVE YOU!!!

Posted by RRAMMOHAN10/03/06
Didnt know about Beaver State (not being an American) and couldnt get Morning Glory, but got all the rest quite easily! An interesting compilation. Those who want 'more challenging' teasers need to remember that this site is for people of varying abilities, spread all over the world, and with different amount of time to spend. Anyone who finds a particular teaser too simple (or too difficult) for him, is free to rate that teaser in the appropriate category. Comments with a view to improving future teasers should be welcome, if they are worded carefully. I welcome this type of teaser, however easy or hard it may be to some readers. Thanks. :lol:

Posted by locutus13ds10/03/06
I got 6 of 8. Didn'y get Lord mayor, or the Mornign Glory. And whats all the Barney references???? :( :roll:

Posted by Trishgal10/03/06
This teaser was just perfect :D I needed some simpler teasers this morning And Some fit that discription :wink: Yet I always like to learn,and some things about other countries, our authors, well I learned new things :D So I say , keep these teasers coming I liked it. Thx. 8) 8)

Posted by iteachkids10/03/06
Brilliantly said, RRAMMOHAN, and DITTO. I was struck by Fish's ability to find all the 2-word answers, with "o-r" in both of them. That had to take some research! Thanks, Fish!!! :D:D:D

Posted by heyman10/03/06
I got all of them except the simplest one: Corner Store!

Posted by FeaerFactorY66610/03/06

Posted by TheSmartest10/03/06
I only got the Northern Lights. That was the only one. I feel so ashamed... :lol: Anyway, awesome puzzle!

Posted by speedqueenkmw10/03/06
They don't all have to be ridiculously difficult, ya know. I really enjoyed this one-didn't get Lord Mayor. fun :D

Posted by POPS10/03/06
After looking at the hint got 6 out of 8 , :) Not bad for a canuck? Beaver state????? :oops: Authors???? not my forte :roll: It was fun :D Nice one :wink:

Posted by saleprice10/03/06
:) got all but #6, I had orchid choriopsis (cant spell ir but or is in there lol :D

Posted by saleprice10/03/06
O R I should say

Posted by OhEmGee10/03/06
i liked this one ok but ive seen better i think the directions should be more claer because i didnt get how to do it for a while :-? but i still liked it :D

Posted by bhssoccer2310/03/06
I didn't get Lord Mayor and morning glory. Toughies. Good job, though, it was very entertaining.

Posted by fishmed10/03/06
I am glad that those who like it, did so. There is another one like this, as you note this is #2. Also, sometimes, you have to put in some easier ones as there will be people who will get upset when there are only difficult ones. I have some that are at both ends. Keep looking and have fun. :)

Posted by tdbrsun10/03/06
This was not the hardest one. I only got a few though. It was still a very good teaser. Nothing ordinary about it . have a great day! :wink:

Posted by jabdr10/03/06
Drat. I never looked at the hint and it may have helped me get #1.Enjoyed this one. :roll: 8)

Posted by patpat55310/03/06
:-? This was an easy teaser. I liked it anyway. :P especially when it's early in the morn and I'm half asleep! :cry: P.S. Who the heck is Barney??? :wink:

Posted by phyllisa10/04/06
Loved this one! :)

Posted by utnative10/04/06
keep up the good word and crank out more little darlins like this loved this one only got half :oops: :oops: :wink: :wink:

Posted by luvdoritos70610/05/06
nice one....

Posted by djtalckerb10/07/06

Posted by djtalckerb10/07/06

Posted by Qrystal11/08/06
Nice one! I had fun with this. Got #3, #5, and #8 right away. The hint helped me get #4, #6, and #7. Awesome hint! :) Didn't get #1 or #2, though I was close on #2 .. first thought was Oregon, but then I thought it was probably a two-word city... so I was stuck thinking "Port Something". Too bad I forgot my thought of Oregon when I looked at the hint.... darn! :) :P *cheers*

Posted by dalfamnest10/03/09
Fun, thanks. Sometimes I only have time for a few quick thoughts in the morning!! and a short snappy Teaser is ideal. Other times I like to spend longer. But that's me - not the author! You can always search for more of a challenge if you like. Great variety, everyone - keep it up! :D :D

Posted by dalfamnest10/03/09
Fun, thanks. Sometimes I only have time for a few quick thoughts in the morning!! and a short snappy Teaser is ideal. Other times I like to spend longer. But that's me - not the author! You can always search for more of a challenge if you like. Great variety, everyone - keep it up! :D :D

Posted by UptheHill10/03/09
NICE... 8)

Posted by leroyleroy10/03/09
good braingle

Posted by auntiesis10/05/09
Really good one, kind of easy, but some made me think. I would like to see some more like this one. :D :lol: :D

Posted by Babe10/03/12
For #8 I put corner grocery. An old fadshioned term, and I am sure it counts as right. It was an easy one, ,but fun to do and like I said before,..."I like easy!" :D

Posted by fishmed10/03/12
Corner Grocery would not work as each word was to have 'or' and grocery has 'ro', so does not work, but I am glad you liked it. Thanks.

Posted by cutebug10/03/12
This easy teaser is 7 years old and FISHMED is still checking comments. He must live on the computer. I'm sure he needs to get a better life!!! :D :D

Posted by iggy3910/03/12
fun i liked it did well. :lol: :lol:

Posted by jaycr10/03/12
Kinda harsh cutebug. :-?

Posted by fishmed10/03/12
I have a fun life, a job, 5 kids, a lovely wife and 7 pets. I am also an editor & moderator here so I have to get on at least once every day or so to check on things. Believe me, my life is full. Glad you guys liked it.

Posted by raisin9910/03/15
well done

Posted by raisin9910/03/15
well done

Posted by eamon10/03/15
I went on a wild goose chase by deciding to look for _ORchid before giving up that trail and starting over on a clean slate. Getting mORning glORy wasn't too bad after that. Good quiz.


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