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How Do Ya Like Them Apples?

Submitted By:Rob2003
Fun:*** (2.39)
Difficulty:* (0.59)

Since the fall air was crisp and clear, five friends (Francis, Norman, Oscar, Rachel, and Sarah) journeyed to Adam's Apple Orchard for an afternoon of apple picking. After gathering their bushels of apples, they retired to the orchard's visitor's center, where each person bought a different delicious apple treat: apple cider, apple doughnut, apple pie, apple turnover, and candied apple made with a different type of apple: Cortland, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonathan, and Rome Beauty. To complete the perfect afternoon, the five friends enjoyed a dusk hayride through the nearby woods, making this day the apples of their eyes! From the information provided, can you determine the apple treat purchased by each person and type of apple from which it was made?

1. Francis bought the apple pie baked with Golden Delicious apples. Rachel purchased a scrumptious apple donut (which wasn't the treat made with Cortland apples).

2. Sarah bought the apple turnover. Oscar isn't the one who purchased the jug of apple cider.

3. Norman purchased the treat made from Rome Beauty apple. The candied apple was made with Jonathan apple.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by redraptor5010/23/05
FIRST AGAIN? ok ..... another great one, (why do I have the desire to eat?) like these a lot :D , although (I need more ice) you got me on this one :o :lol:

Posted by zonarita10/23/05
:D I've had my apple for the day. I can go expecting all to be well. :D

Posted by chaskey10/23/05
A little too easy, but nice. :)

Posted by mejoza10/23/05
Way too easy. You give too many _______ bought this made of this. We need to use a little elimination to make it fun!

Posted by didida10/23/05
you neede a few more clues for the kind of apple. Great teaser though.

Posted by lazarusl10/23/05
Way, way too easy (assuming you use the grid -- can't imagine trying to do these without a grid).. knocked this one out in about 30 seconds, while watching the World Series.

Posted by meme255910/24/05
I just got confused but learning how to use the grid. :o

Posted by cleothemuse10/24/05
Very, very easy, but fun nevertheless.

Posted by rrb2110/24/05
Way too easy, but.....That's how i like them! I GOT IT!!! :D

Posted by bowwows110/24/05
easy...just the way i like em!! great job!

Posted by silly_goose10/25/05
Since I live in Washington, king state for growing apples, lol, I LOVE this teaser! :lol:

Posted by wizkid10/26/05
It wasn't boring nor fun. This was way to easy. They basically told who had what. I think I would have liked it much better if there was something to think about.

Posted by realm234610/31/05
I liked this logic grid......First I did it without the solver...Then, I was just curious about the solver, so I used it to double-check. :D

Posted by realm234610/31/05
none of these comments are offensive ,so I don't know why that label keeps appearing. People are just giving their honest opinions about the teaser...and as for the "an apple a day" pun, I'm usually bad at puns, but I'm aware that's it's just a harmless joke...... :D

Posted by kempeba11/04/05
sadly, i agree with wizkid, there was no chalenge. :cry: better luck next time.

Posted by sundaisy22711/08/05
very very easy

Posted by tjc_1311/12/05
too easy and no fun put into it. I felt as if all the answers were told word for word in the clues

Posted by Mellie62708/24/06
That teaser has such a cute story line that sounds like lovely day out for a group of friends. I really enjoyed the background that you gave. It could have been a lot harder if the clues had been worded differently. I marked it as fun and easy. I get the feeling that I am going back in time, and that this was your first logic-grid. I have done several of your other ones and First Snowfall was a lot more difficult. So please keep them coming I have almost finished your list of Logic-grids. :D

Posted by chickwithbrains09/19/07
now I'm hungry!!!! :D

Posted by brain2303/30/08
I have to say, nice one, but most of the clues just stand out. They need to hide in scenarios in the clues. :|


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