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Sheerluck Holmes

Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:*** (3.03)
Difficulty:**** (3.18)

A series of burglaries has plagued London. The famous private investigator, Sheerluck Holmes, is on the case. He has five suspects. As usual, Sheerluck has bungled again, and has lost his notes. Fortunately, he has memorized some of the clues. Help Sheerluck determine each man's age, height, weight, and hair color. Also, help identify the culprit so that he can be put behind bars.

Men: Ben, Gus, Ron, Sam, Tim
Ages: 29, 32, 37, 42, 46
Weights: 166, 178, 190, 201, 216
Heights: 5'8", 5'9", 6'0", 6'3", 6'4"
Hair (descending order of darkness): black, brown, red, blonde ... plus bald

1) The man who is 6'0" tall is older than the man who weighs 178 pounds, who is older than Ben (one of these is the guilty man).
2) Ron weighs more than the brown-haired man, who weighs more than the man who is 32 years old.
3) Ben is taller than the blonde-haired man, who is taller than the man who weighs 166 pounds.
4) The man who is 32 years old has darker hair than the man who weighs 190 pounds, who has darker hair than Tim (one of these is the guilty man).
5) Each man has one measurement (age, weight, or height in inches) that is an odd number.
6) The youngest, the lightest, and the shortest ... are three different men ... and do not have red hair (the guilty man is not among them).
7) The oldest, the heaviest, and the tallest ... are three different men ... and do not have black hair (one of these is the guilty man).
8) Ben and Gus have a weight difference of 12 pounds.
9) Sam and Tim have a height difference of 3 inches.
10) Ron is not 4 years older or younger than any other man.
11) The guilty man does not have blonde hair.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by elemandia04/01/06
very nice... :D it took me a while to sort out the last two peoples hair colors (and guiltiness), :-? but i got it in the end. :)

Posted by fem81uk04/01/06
What fun, found it a bit hard but a lot of fun

Posted by Winner460004/01/06
very challenging, it took me a while to realize 5'9" and 6'0" were 3 inches apart!!! :lol: :oops:

Posted by ballatc04/01/06
very hard but easy at the same time

Posted by brainjuice04/02/06
hard.. :-?

Posted by locomom04/02/06
Really tough...thought I'd never get it solved...but I did! Thanks! :-?

Posted by bashbach04/02/06
Wow! Hardest one I've done so far!! I had to restart it at least 3 times! :oops: Mind boggling! :o I loved it though. :wink: A challenge is a great thing! Keep em coming! 8) :D :lol:

Posted by roscoep04/03/06
Very good! Had to put it down and come back. Then I got it. :D

Posted by ffoppia04/03/06
great thing about this puzzle is there were scarcely any redundant clues. looking forward for more puzzles from you.

Posted by mikey3804/03/06
I thought a person with blonde hair had darker hair than one who was bald.

Posted by cnmne04/03/06
I have found one redundant clue. I am thinking about submitting a correction. I was waiting for a comment about hair color. That is one of the implicit clues. If you are bald, you have no hair color. Nonetheless, a legitimate question.

Posted by aldwado04/06/06
Very nice. Like others here I had to put it down a couple of times. My answer was identical to the solution, except I had the hair colours of Tim and Gus the other way around, ie, I had Tim with blonde hair and Gus with Red hair, so I got Gus as the guilty party. Is this also correct?

Posted by cnmne04/06/06
Gus weighs 178 pounds. That weight would satisfy clue 1 about the guilty man. But in order to be guilty, Gus also would have had to been 32 years old, satisfying clue 4.

Posted by aldwado04/06/06
Thanks for that. I see know.. Very good clues... This is one hell of a good puzzle. Cheers........

Posted by Mellie62706/13/06
:D I loved it!!!! I had a really difficult time with it, and had to start it over several times. :oops: But it was well worth it. :D

Posted by Thel02/18/07
I loved how one neded to go back to the clues to find out who was guilty! Excellent teaser, I had a really good time solving it. :D :D :D

Posted by daliz12/26/07
Fantastic puzzle! Very creative use of clues with the added twist of finding the guilty party. I got it all right in the end! :D

Posted by dreamlvr143201/14/08
great teaser! I still haven't finished it. This will be my 3rd time trying. Really tricky... :D :-?

Posted by dreamlvr143201/21/08
4th time's the charm! It seemed to make so much more sense today than it did yesterday. Good Job! :D

Posted by Kiyoko07/06/08
This was an awesome teaser! It took me quite some time and a couple tries to figure it out! :D

Posted by chandler77302/02/09
This was my favorite logic puzzle ever! I had to put it down a few times and really didn't think I would solve it, considering how many times I got stuck. Was able to get it right in the end. Hard puzzle but very fun!

Posted by J-Five04/16/09
Winner4600 i know what your saying. I had same proble with time.

Posted by RevBug02/26/14
Something seems to be wrong with the coding on this puzzle's grid solver. I can work it out on paper just fine, but I figured I'd mention the problem in the comments just in case it's not just my computer screwing up.

Posted by trewq08/17/14
I loved how all the clues worked together; definitely one of the best logic grid puzzles I've done! :D more of Sheerluck, please?

Posted by bloody-albatros01/29/16
also not familiar with the imperial System (6.0 - 5.9 = 3 inches :o ) but beside that it is one of my favorites


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