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When can 1+1=1?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by dumbell09/15/02
??? that sounds more like trick than math.

Posted by nickadeemus07/21/03
so actually 1+1 can never =1

Posted by gandalf03/05/04
That was so hard i got it in about a jiffy(1/100th of a second) :roll:

Posted by quinton03/05/04
Does not sound like proper math

Posted by Punk_Rocker01/01/05
I said when you suck at math :lol:

Posted by Steve197309/21/05
I thought it might be marriage... 1 man, 1 woman = 1 family. :P

Posted by EnderofGames12/21/05
...So when the + falls asleep? Tricky teaser. Good one, too. :D

Posted by solarsistim32102/08/06
when can 27 be = 4? when you ad 3 and subtract 26, good huh! wrong it was stupid!

Posted by ALW00704/04/06
lol, solarsistim321 that was great!!! :D

Posted by dutchymonster12/17/06
I'm with Solarsistim on this one :roll:

Posted by davdavid02/12/07
How about whwn does 2+2=22?Too simple man :(

Posted by yerg04/03/07
ez :lol:

Posted by hellfroze01/14/08
this is stupid.. if you turn the + to an x... it's not a +. So 1+1 NEVER equals 1

Posted by soccercow1003/23/08
No offense, but it's kindof eh. Ive run into alot where they expect you to change the teaser. But I don't think that counts. hmm... 8)

Posted by Calehay11/04/08
How in the world does + turn into a multiplication sign?

Posted by braingle10011/03/09
Sorry, but I think this teaser is quite STUPID! :P

Posted by UofMWolv2505/24/10
I've got one for you...when is a horse a zebra? When it has stripes painted on it. I really do not like this teaser.

Posted by beyonce12306/07/10
boooooo. nice try but illogical

Posted by Marijah07/08/10
............ AGAIN... Braingle is REALLY slipping... this was just... wow. smh :-?

Posted by themasterbrain11/10/13
this kinda sorta maybe sucks.

Posted by sarah12lizbeth08/17/17
There was no way to know you would have to change the info you're given in order to answer. Not a good teaser at all.


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