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The Dealership, Part 2

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You will need the answers from "The Dealership: Part 1" to complete this.

"Car"-l (Carl) Smith is back, and he has another crisis on his hands. The 5 cars he bought a couple weeks ago were sold last week. He was walking across the street from his favorite fast food restaurant with the papers from the sales, when a car pulled out right in front of him. He dropped the papers and couldn't get them back because the wind blew them all away. Help Carl figure out each customer's first and last names, what car they bought, how much money they paid, and on what day they bought the cars.

First Names - Fred, Jill, Calvin, Hannah, Katie
Last Names - Jenkins, Chapman, Kendrick, Felton, Hampton
Car - Mini, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Ford
$$ - $16,000, $24,000, $32,000, $38,000, $40,000
Day of the week - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1. The 5 people are: Fred, Mr. Chapman, the one who bought a car on Thursday, the one who bought a car for $38,000, and the one who bought a Ford.

2. The 5 cars are: The BMW, the one bought by Hannah, the one bought by Mrs. Hampton, the one bought on Friday, and the one bought for $32,000.

3. Carl made a profit on each car.

4. The person who bought a car 2 days after Felton did bought her car for $8,000 less than the person who bought the car that was sold to Carl on Thursday.

5. No car was bought and sold on the same day of the week.

6. The Mini, which was not bought on Monday, was bought 1 day after the Ford.

7. Jill paid $8,000 less for her car than the person who bought a car on Saturday.

8. Kendrick bought his car before Felton did.

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