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Spazy Croonerisms 6

Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:**** (3.2)
Difficulty:*** (2.61)

A spoonerism is a pair of words that can have their initial sounds switched to form new words. The pairs need only sound the same, not necessarily be spelled the same (power saw & sour paw, horse cart & coarse heart). There may sometimes be one or two connecting words (kick the stone & stick the cone, king of the rats & ring of the cats). Given the following definitions, what are the spoonerisms?

1) spoiled Neanderthal child & courageous cougar
2) child of a sorceress & liquid in a trench
3) milk and cheese & fops who are imaginary beings with magical powers
4) fondle feathers & Amsterdam

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by stang9905/16/06
U got me going bonkers on this one, pal. I really liked it and I got a couple of them. Keep it up. :D :D

Posted by perrygf05/16/06
Awesome puzzle. Keep 'em coming! :D

Posted by AwwwSweet05/18/06
LOL This one was awesome! 'Nuff said. 8)

Posted by coolblue05/21/06
the sixth one i got wrong :oops: :cry: :(

Posted by curious_george06/17/06
Uhh...I don't know if you were being sarcastic coolblue, but there were only four :lol:

Posted by marschie06/17/06
I didn't get any of them ...but now I know what the lmurray beef is all about. Wow, what a 'putdowner.'

Posted by nu_rob_roy06/17/06
Talk about your 'spoiled Neanderthal child', WE DIDN'T HAVE TO DO ANY THINKING TO FIGURE YOU OUT, Imurray the teaser did it for us. And this poor excuse at, I guess, Chinese is A WASTE OF TIME. Stop your CFA. Get a life. For me this was a hard teaser, but fun to try. Thanks. :)

Posted by savo06/17/06
Like Awwwsweet said - "nuff said" this one's tight. keep em coming

Posted by OldChinaHand06/17/06
I think someone saw himself in your teaser. Don't bother with the 'brat'; his cheese just slid off his cracker. This was a good, not too easy, but well thought out teaser.

Posted by starnz06/17/06
Fun! I'm getting better at these!! :D

Posted by coachpisco06/17/06
That was hard but I liked it. :)

Posted by smcclain06/17/06
Great puzzle! I couldn't get #4 but I got the others. Keep them coming.

Posted by kcheer249306/17/06
It was okay, I mean, i got one but it was kind of tough though. well written and good job

Posted by Raccoon06/17/06
that was pretty hard, but I still enjoyed it. Try an easier 1. :o

Posted by pleroux06/17/06
Well done - the best spoonerism puzzles I see yet :D I loved them all - "brave cat" and "fairy dude" made me laugh! Keep up the great work - these are my favourite teasers! 8)

Posted by kcheer249306/17/06
My cousin thought that what i wrote was too mean, so he told me to put a smily, :D

Posted by bradon18200106/17/06
I'm not good at these, so I didn't really try. Glad others are able to figure them out. Maybe somday I'll get the hang of it and be able to do them also. :o

Posted by thimblenoggin06/17/06
:D I thought #'s 5 thru 8 were easy. :D

Posted by thimblenoggin06/17/06
:D Tough one. Too hard for me this morning. :D

Posted by iteachkids06/17/06
EXCELLENT and FUN Spoonerisms! :oUCH, my brain hurts! Excellent comments by NuRobRoy and OldChinaHand, too. Y:DU two are always RIGHT :DN! :o

Posted by luigibabe06/17/06
I liked this one. I don't think my Dutch friends would call Amsterdam a town though :D

Posted by SandraB06/17/06
I always like figuring out spoonerisms, this was a good one. Only stumped by #4 and gave up too quickly. Well done cnmne!

Posted by naeem_ng06/17/06
That was pretty funny! I got only the first one and almost got the second one. Keep em coming!

Posted by jcann06/17/06
I love spoonerisms! Good job! I'd like to see more. :wink:

Posted by syracuse94506/17/06
i lyk these; they'r funi... cre8iv title, 2... :wink: awsum job... :D

Posted by xxrid3_str0ngxx06/17/06
cool....but a lil' boring keep it up though those were REALLY tough! :)

Posted by Neek06/17/06
I love spoonerisms. These were great. I got all but #4. I thought that it was tickle down--Dickle town as in the whiskey George Dickle. (I guess because a lot of drinking and partying goes on in that town.)

Posted by tdbrsun06/17/06
I did not get them all . This was fun to do. :D

Posted by shawneeo06/17/06
I got 'em allll, I got 'em allll, yay, yea, yayayayay rah rah ray!!!!! :laugh: Great teaser! This was perfect, far as Im concerned. It wasn't too easy, it was just hard enough to really make you think. And, it was a little different and funny, like fairy dude, and a one word clue for the last one. To the person above, once you find one pair of words you're almost there. Like, "sorceress, um, witch? then you look at the other: trench: ditch! witch, ditch! Now, you know that the other word in the "ditch" pair has to start with a "w", and means liquid: water, daughter! The fact that they rhyme is what keeps it from being impossible and makes it a bit fun. (sorry, but I enjoy these, so... shoot me for "showing off"! :laugh: Thanks for a great teaser! :D

Posted by vlerma06/17/06
:D Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! These are new to me too but oh such fun. Had trouble with number 4 but got a good laugh out of it. And I have just about given up on the "brat whose cheese slipped off his cracker." Best one I've heard in a long time. Darn it Imurray, I'm trying to give you a chance to get in the folks good graces, but everytime you take a step forward then you slide three or four back. This one way love affair is getting very tedious and I am tired t5o coaxing you to be nice. I may just have to gather up my good feelings and my heart and walk away from a lost cause. Back to the teaser, really great job. Many more please? :lol: 8)

Posted by kman61306/17/06
Good one - a couple were easy, and a couple took a while to figure out

Posted by rhmaustin06/17/06
Does everyone know about Canon William Archibald Spooner (1844-1930), warden of New College, Oxford, for many years and famous for his unintentional transpositions of (usually) initial word sounds -- thus the term "spoonerism"? Many spoonerisms are attributed to him apochryphally, but a few are documented. Announcing a hymn in college chapel: "Kinquering Congs their titles take." Disimissing a student: "You have deliberately tasted two worms and you can leave Oxford by the next town drain." Making a speech: "This audience of beery wenches...." It must have been a delight to have him for a prof.

Posted by mercenary00706/17/06
Nice teaser man... I got all of the answers perfectly in less that 5 minutes while talking on MSN though 8) *pats self on back*

Posted by nameisie06/17/06
I actually got one right!!! I'm so amazed. :lol:

Posted by scallio06/19/06
Ooooh, tough one!. I could not get #2 or #4. Tice Neaser... I mean, nice teaser! :wink:

Posted by tonjawithaj06/19/06

Posted by peanut-tiara06/20/06
Good Teaser! I missed Imurray's comment but I guess this one was pretty offensive!

Posted by dancingroni07/01/06
i loved it!! :D

Posted by jennsingergirl08/28/07
Oh my gosh! These were really hard! LOL. I got no. 2 and I knew no. 3 had something to do with dairy and fairy, and I figured no. 4 was down, but that's about as far as I got. Bah, I think I'm slackin off cuz I'm tired at work and it's raining. Excellent job! These were REALLY funny! =)

Posted by doehead06/17/09
I don't care for or do these, but If you like them I guess it was a good one. :o :o :o

Posted by emu77alu0206/17/09
Tough one for me! (I guess it doesn't help that I don't like spoonerisms very much) :wink:

Posted by auntiesis06/17/09
I love spoonerisms, but this one had me baffled. I didn't get any of them and they were so logical. :oops: 8) :roll:

Posted by UptheHill06/17/09
:D 8) :lol:

Posted by Babe06/17/12
I got a couple of them, but these are not my thing. It was a good effort though Glad people liked it.

Posted by ariel77706/17/12
Clever stuff...thx..I enjoyed it (and did get em all) :D

Posted by thecatladycac06/17/12
Good Job! I didn't get them all, but I had a good laugh when I saw the answers. :lol: p.s. I started off by trying to switch the first letter instead of the first sound: brave cat = crave bat? - didn't fit, so I had to go back and read the directions - that always helps! :D

Posted by wordmama06/17/12
Got the first two, not the last 2; fun teaser, well done. Hope all involved are having a great Fathers' Day!

Posted by Maggiethe8th06/17/12
I enjoyed rhmaustin's background info on these, and loved the Spoonerisms themselves. Really thought it was fun to share the humor when I'd work one through- :lol:

Posted by raisin9906/17/15

Posted by thecatladycac06/18/15
Got the first one right off, but had to peak at the answers for the rest- they gave me a great laugh! Thanks for the fun :D :lol:


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