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Look Before You Leap

Submitted By:MarcM1098
Fun:*** (2.93)
Difficulty:** (1.93)

Read the sentence below and determine what the four uppercase words have in common.

As you put down your bowl of STEW and take your SEAT, you let out a SHOUT and leap back up; you sat on a THORN!


Read the directions again.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Warstar06/10/06
ahhh i see

Posted by AwwwSweet06/10/06
I thought it was a nice teaser; good job!

Posted by jlvsbeks06/11/06
Settle down kazuo! What was with the hint? Huh? :)

Posted by spazzyjazzy9306/12/06
DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!!! yeah, i actually read the directions again :oops: there are more than 4 capitalized words, every time you say I (i), you capitalize it

Posted by udoboy06/12/06
Ha ha. I got it. :D

Posted by xdbtcp06/14/06
Pretty easy - cracked up when I read the hint.... :lol:

Posted by wizkid06/23/06
I get a slap in the face :( . That was an awesomely amazing dramastic teaser. :lol: Great Job.

Posted by Winner460007/09/06
Almost gave up...and then I got it!!! :lol:

Posted by legodude07/27/06
I said, "nothing, nothing, 'o', and 'n'".

Posted by sexychick08/02/06
it was ok :D

Posted by blondebookworm08/13/06
aweosme teaser, but I didn't even think about directions. I was trying to work with the letters.

Posted by captainshortrox10/17/06
they also all have the letter L :wink:

Posted by Phoenixtears03/12/07
Hahaha, nice one! I tried reading the words backwords first, and I read nroht, and somehow got north from that. :P Haha, but fun to solve! :)

Posted by cloughme03/12/07
Almost too easy... Good job though. :wink:

Posted by cooltigerr103/12/07
haha thats a good one! good job :D :lol:

Posted by kauphi197603/12/07
i got 'WEST' and then my brain went south and clicked on the hint and then it was a bit too obvious. Jeanie-Ass

Posted by sumit03/12/07
got it easily... it was a nice teaser!!!

Posted by bradon18200103/12/07
Must have been easy, I got it right away. I enjoyed it, Good job. :o

Posted by gaylewolf03/12/07
Interesting teaser :) thanks! :D

Posted by anion03/12/07
I thought it was hard. The answer was awesome though. :lol: I doubt I would have ever come up with anagrams of the directions. Great teaser. :wink:

Posted by puttumup03/12/07
:o very nice one.... :o

Posted by Pizzazz2u03/12/07
Tremendous work! I enjoyed the teaser! Keep them coming! :wink: :P

Posted by lezh03/12/07
Pretty easy - just as well as I've a really busy day today! :)

Posted by altuttle03/12/07
i had to look at the hint but after that i got it no problem:)

Posted by tkubitz03/12/07
Agreed--too easy. Found myself having solved it before finishing reading it. tkooter

Posted by avonma03/12/07
I didn't try very hard to get it. I gave up early; but I like it - it was a good one. I THINK I could have got it if I stayed with it. Thanks!

Posted by zaya03/12/07
How was that hint helpful?

Posted by bkinney03/12/07
Zaya, the hint was helpful because west, east, south, and north are all directions. The hint is to look at the directions again. Good one

Posted by frozenrose_88503/12/07
I thought it was because they all had a t somewhere in them :lol:

Posted by lukeschett03/12/07
Great teaser. I got it.

Posted by saleprice03/12/07
:D Yay I got it straight away, just what I like, an easy peasy for a monday!! Woohoo..... :lol:

Posted by lindquist_2503/12/07
...they all have T's in them. :D

Posted by glamorousAB03/12/07
ok that was pretty much ridiculous... i'm sorry some of you ppl are nice and actually liked it... LOL :roll:

Posted by saradove03/12/07
Veru interesting and very clever Thank you very much for this awesome teaser!!! :D

Posted by OhEmGee03/12/07
lol i was thinking that the thing they had in common was that they were uppercase!!! haha it says that right in the directions so i took the hint the wrong way!!! i feel dumb! :oops: message me please!!!

Posted by speedqueenkmw03/12/07
duh, i didn't get it but had fun trying :oops:

Posted by sftball_rocks1303/12/07
This was really cute :D I laughed at myself when I saw the answer, didn't get the hint though :lol:

Posted by jamy40003/12/07
very clever 8)

Posted by phyllisa03/12/07
Good one, I got it right away :)

Posted by hersheyugget03/12/07
umm how about they are all nouns? isn't htat like the easiest answer?

Posted by breathesunshine03/12/07
I was thinking like OhEmGee, and figured it was something obvious. Oh well I had fun trying! :D

Posted by LeafFan4life03/12/07
also they all have the letter T so that couldtechnically be the answer also.

Posted by fedex33703/12/07
oops i read the directions again... i said that since it said what do the capitalized words have in common that it was that they were all capitalized... :-?

Posted by GobyDude03/12/07
I was gonna say, if the answer was 'they're all capitalized' that would be really stupid.

Posted by soccermip33703/12/07
That was a really good teaser. I loved it. It was fun but challenging at the same time! :) :lol: :D :P

Posted by Quizme03/12/07
cool :D

Posted by jcann03/12/07
This was a fun teaser. I was in a hurry this morning and didn't take the time to figure it out. But after knowing the answer and reading the hint I thought the hint was really clever! Good job! :P

Posted by deadsnakebiting03/12/07
Fun teaser! After looking it over, I picked an alternate answer... all answers have the letter T in them.

Posted by Qrystal03/13/07
AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That was awesome!!!! I don't usually get these, and I was on the verge of being stumped, but then I looked again... and thought some more .... "Maybe they're anagrams of something," I thought. Yessssss~!!! I LOVED THE HINT!!! That's what really cracked me up! DIRECTIONS!! HAH!!!! Very good teaser!

Posted by vlerma03/14/07
Thanks for the hint. That made it very easy, but without it I was going in the wrong darned direction. :lol:

Posted by i_luv_2_read03/25/07
if anyone has read the Redwall series, this was ridiculously easy... this sort of puzzle was in one of them .... however, if i hadn't read those books, i probably wouldn't have has a clue....good job :D :D

Posted by doehead04/11/10
Good one. Took me awhile to get the wrong answer. Oh well,there's always tomorrow. :oops: :oops: :oops:

Posted by Marple04/11/10
Excellent! Loved it! :wink: :lol:

Posted by patiencewithaP04/11/10
Good one! :D

Posted by TallTimber04/11/10
Figured it out without the hint. Good teaser. Enjoyed it.

Posted by sashomarine04/11/10
id that they all had t's in them, :lol:

Posted by Babe04/11/13
It was not my thing, but glad it made some happy! Thanks for posting. :(

Posted by tripleteam504/11/13
EThey are also all upper case.. me LOl :roll: 8) 8)

Posted by HABS293304/11/13
The only thing I could come up with was they all had a T in them, but knew it would not be that easy. I read the hint and did what I thought it wanted me to -reread the directions, then thought "yeah, okay how does that help?" Had to chuckle when I realised that directions did not mean instructions as I had thought but was virtually giving the answer! Good one Marc.

Posted by jaycr04/11/13
I found my way through this one.

Posted by NVL975804/11/13
That was a good one!! :lol:

Posted by cutebug04/11/13
Saw this before and still missed it. :( :(

Posted by glowingredbob04/11/13
The hint made it harder for me to solve. :-?

Posted by gaylewolf04/11/13
I didn't get it correctly, but I LOVED it! Thanks for a good one! :wink: :)

Posted by thecatladycac04/11/13
I started by looking for words within a word: wet, or eat, or horn - then I checked for anagrams - and voila!! I didn't look at the clue until after I had read some of the comments - the clue was great! Loved the teaser! :D :lol: :D

Posted by Obilio05/18/13
I got it by reading the words backward as well, now I have to back and read the hint, sounds like it was a hoot :) Thanks!

Posted by Zykezex04/11/16
Got it instantly - Liked it a lot. :)

Posted by auntiesis04/11/16
Did not have a clue. Good one.

Posted by mrbill5104/11/16
Fun and Easy Teaser; I got it right away. I love anagrams and would like to see more like this.


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