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Submitted By:Hana_Kimi
Fun:**** (3.22)
Difficulty:* (1.07)

Add together each of the defined words to get a whole new word.

Example: to shout + what you say when you feel pain = a color = yellow.

1) A light brown color + to leave = a dance.

2) A store's announcement + a type of women's clothing = a building's location.

3) A vehicle + an animal pal = a floor covering.

4) The ocean + a father's boy = part of the year.

5) Another name for dad + a yellow veggie = a white fluffy snack.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by GebbieRose07/01/06
Straightforward, easy, & fun! :D

Posted by Doctor_Lobe07/01/06
That was really fun! :D :D :D

Posted by akl2107/02/06
I really like that! :D Keep them comin'!

Posted by devils40007/07/06
that was great :wink: 8) :) :P

Posted by didida07/07/06
Great one(+ one=one) 8)

Posted by scallio08/02/06
Got us thinking, but wasn't too easy. Nice teaser. :)

Posted by Trishgal08/02/06
Liked it :D nice and fun to solve :D :D :wink:

Posted by utnative08/02/06
good teaser, i got all of them. it was fun and just a tiny bit challenging :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D

Posted by Oopoohpahdo08/02/06
Very enjoyable. Got them all without having to go to the "back of the book". Thanks :D :P 8)

Posted by starnz08/02/06
These are cute! They have inspired me to come up with some of my own! :D

Posted by Rach_08/02/06
Nice :) I like teasers I can get all the answers to!

Posted by shawneeo08/02/06
Very good, I got em all cept number two, the address one, I just didn't think of "ad" as an "announcement", I kept thinking "open, closed, grand opening, sale!, going out of business, etc." Oh well, I guess it is an announcement, technically. I like these, and if you wanna do more and make them harder and twice as many, I'll like them too! Thanks! :D

Posted by Qrystal08/02/06
dohhhh--- I guess I'm the first to admit I didn't get them all. I got stumped on #2. All I was sure of was that it wasn't "adbra". Maybe I should head back over to the Logic section where I feel more at home! :)

Posted by Qrystal08/02/06
AHA okay I wasn't the first :) we tied :)

Posted by Nellem08/02/06
I like this type of teaser, got them all, which is probably why I like this type of teaser! Got say though I would never describe popcorn as 'fluffy' :wink:

Posted by coachpisco08/02/06
Good fun. I didn't get Address either. I was working on Blue Light Special. :D

Posted by bradon18200108/02/06
I'm with just about everyone else, couldn't get #2, I got ad ok, but dress just didn't come to me. Good teaser tho. I'd like to see more of these. :o

Posted by bradon18200108/02/06
PS: Maybe a Blue LIght Special would have helped me.!!! :o

Posted by qqqq08/02/06
That was great fun!!! Please let this be a series. :D

Posted by RRAMMOHAN08/02/06
Got all except no. 2. Fun teaser. :) :) :)

Posted by Scitchr08/02/06
Very fun :D I missed one :oops:

Posted by FeaerFactorY66608/02/06
Very cute and soo mcuh fun! :D

Posted by FeaerFactorY66608/02/06
Very cute and soo mcuh fun! :D

Posted by cassiemark08/02/06
I really liked this one! Just like a lot of others I got all but # 2, but it made perfect sense when I saw the answer. I'd like to see more like this one :wink:

Posted by Pizzazz2u08/02/06
A reasonably great, but too easy puzzle for this character :P I have to admit, the second one made me think :lol: Make some a little tougher, and possibly add a hint for others! :wink:

Posted by thimblenoggin08/02/06
:D Very easy. "Ad" was a bit of a stretch and there are so many types of women's clothing but "dress" was an obvious place to start. More please. :D

Posted by saleprice08/02/06
:D Loved it, easy peasy, Makes me feel almost intelligent when I can answer them 1st thing in a.m. Thankyou.....

Posted by zaya08/02/06
Fun concept but too easy. Get rid of the extra clue after the = sign.

Posted by speedqueenkmw08/02/06
love these, probably cuz I can get them. :D

Posted by iteachkids08/02/06

Posted by locutus13ds08/02/06
Got em all except 2. i couldn't get ad, i thought sale... Oh well God one anyway. 8)

Posted by ruroken08/02/06
Very enjoable. Like it very much.

Posted by kcheer249308/02/06
Creative, Liked it

Posted by cincigirl4ever08/02/06
Well, i really tried on this one. However, i only got three out of five. i missed number 2 and 5, but at least i got some right! Great teaser. :D

Posted by sweetblood08/02/06
that was an awesomw teaser it wasn't to east but it was not hard either

Posted by JOESCHRISTINE08/02/06
I got all but the last one. Enjoyed it!

Posted by 1blessedgirl08/02/06
This was a really cool one. I'm going to add it to my favorites.

Posted by jessmr08/02/06
:D loved it! #2 stumped me for a few minutes, but ended up getting them all! woohoo! would love to see more! :wink:

Posted by jcann08/02/06
These were fun! I like teasers that make me think but are still easy enough to figure out--and I don't have hours to spend on them, so the sooner the better. :)

Posted by vlerma08/02/06
:D Yep, #2 was a groaner. Made me feel stupid when I read the answer - so simple it was hard. Nice job. More please!

Posted by Club3308/02/06
This was fun! Makes you think, but easy enough to solve at work in between tasks... Keep 'em coming!! 8)

Posted by unConfuseMe08/02/06

Posted by temisho08/02/06
my type! awesome!

Posted by Wingsfan08/02/06
I had fun doing this one. I wonder what it is about #2 that had a few of us stumped?! I got "ad," but I could not think of "dress." It makes sense though...duh! :-?

Posted by banzai08/02/06
easy, but enjoyable. thank you. :)

Posted by POPS08/02/06
GREAT, Just loved it :) Got them all :lol: Easy but a lot of fun ,Thanks. :wink:

Posted by labsmith08/02/06
Very enjoyable! Easy and quick.Write some more like this one Hana Kimi. You can make them even harder if you want to.

Posted by doka1308/02/06
totally fun! :lol:

Posted by jabdr08/02/06
Fun teaser. Love the concept but would like it a bit harder. :roll: :) :-?

Posted by heyman08/02/06
Very creative! :D

Posted by bluehawk08/02/06
:D Got 4 out of five. Kept thinking of sale not ad oh well, It was fun and entertaining. :D :wink: 8)

Posted by Badger08/04/06
Easy, but fun! I wonder if you could have used the answers on each line as the hint? Maybe too hard then? Thanks for submitting! :D

Posted by jenny_lee08/04/06
I loved it! :D

Posted by twinklyspangle10/04/06
I got all but one aswell, I missed number two. Enjoyable!

Posted by violinist374606/01/07
great teaser, i think its the best ive seen 2day! :D :D

Posted by Harmony_Girl06/05/07

Posted by trickster200508/02/09
very easy yet very fun great job!!!

Posted by doehead08/02/09
What comes after D + what you do with your eyes =EASY :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by auntiesis08/02/09
Very fun teaser, relatively easy, but I must admit that address gave me trouble. :roll: :lol: :lol:

Posted by patiencewithaP08/02/09
Easy but fun! :D

Posted by triskelex08/02/09
aside to doehead. You don't really think E+see = Easy, do you?

Posted by jcann08/02/09
I enjoyed this teaser the second time around--didn't even remember that I had done it before. Doehead, I thought your comment was cute and clever. It's nice to see you have some fun!

Posted by craniac08/02/09
As so many others said, really lots of fun.

Posted by precious102608/02/09
:evil: Good Teaser :evil: did not get one, but still fun 8)

Posted by avonma08/02/09
Fun :lol: and easy :D

Posted by Babe08/02/12
What a fun one!!! Had to think a little, but that is the fun of it and this one made me laugh! Thank you. Was this better cutebug? I truly liked it!

Posted by jaycr08/02/12
I found it easier to sovle by reading the part after the = sign and working backwards.

Posted by cutebug08/02/12
Enjoyable and easy. Much better Babe. :wink: :wink:

Posted by tripleteam508/02/12
This was kinda easy, but :cry: with resultant word hint it was 4th grade level at best :)

Posted by thecatladycac08/03/12
Very easy, but quite enjoyable! :D :lol:

Posted by HABS293308/02/15
Really enjoyed this teaser, however, not sure why so many people were stumped by #2. Yes there are A LOT of possible answers to "a store's announcement" and "Women's clothing" but what else would work for "a building's location"? That i where I started at the end - and Voilà, the other two words were apparent. As I said, enjoyable teaser, I have enjoyed each of this type I have seen, my only complaint is they are a bit easy. :)

Posted by ultimatecub08/02/15
Nice one. I got all 5!

Posted by catmom08/02/15
2+e+z but fun!! :D

Posted by Zykezex08/02/15
Got them all, but I didn't think it was especially easy. I'm surprised some here missed two, but got four when four is literally illogical. The toughest one is four because an Ocean is not a sea. 8) "Are seas oceans?" would be a good question for the Fact Checking Section. :)


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