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Submitted By:myrnacarey
Fun:*** (2.36)
Difficulty:* (0.52)

Many 'Situation Puzzles' are not designed to be answered by themselves. The idea is for one person to know the answer and other people in a group to try and guess it using yes or no questions. The first person to get the answer is the winner.
Georgie can't find her friends, but she isn't worried. She closes her eyes and waits. She opens her eyes and tries to find them again. Still, they can't be found, but Georgie still isn't worried. Why isn't Georgie worried about her friends?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by boodler08/27/06
:wink: :P :P Nice one! Took a few seconds; I was thinking of a video game, not a physical real-world game, at first :D :o

Posted by markita108/27/06
surprisingly easy but i like it! great job :D :wink:

Posted by drussel308/28/06
I thought the lights were off in a room.

Posted by djs2cute2chi08/28/06
hi person i dont no???? anyway..... i just love ur brain teaser!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D i love it!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Pizzazz2u08/29/06
Quite good, although I did peek at the clue, just to make sure of answer. :wink: Your idea is great! And it works well, with my ideas. Keep producing teasers like this one! I enjoy them. :wink:

Posted by thimblenoggin08/29/06
:D The title helped. :D

Posted by Quickq09/02/06
Oh come on,That's way too easy.:evil: Good riddle though! :lol:

Posted by sweetblood09/08/06
nice teaser you did a great job simple and straight forward i need thoes for me i am not so smart in the head great one :D :D :) :) :wink: :oops: :o :o

Posted by rkaaland10/03/06
Cute one!

Posted by jesus_freak10/18/06
YAY ME!!!!!!! UR GR8! G-R-#-8! nsquick-koolaid don't get mad at me!!!! :D

Posted by d-babes01/18/07
that was a good easy one yours is the third one i got yay

Posted by flowergirl121907/11/07
E-Z :idea: P.s. plz send me a PM saying a subject you want me to do for a quiz!!!! :idea:

Posted by horseluvr09/15/07
very easy

Posted by 974999gec11/24/07
very EZ

Posted by liketeasers07/16/08
hehe. maybe next time, not too much description? but still fun for kids.

Posted by freader5at6345603/13/09
lol, yeah, that was pretty simple. I really need easy ones though. So, I always rank them by least difficult! :lol:


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