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Cows Causing Catastrophes

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The crazy cows on Cowman's farm have stampeded out of their pens. They have been continuously roaming the pasture. Cowman's servant, MiniCowman, needs to have all the cows back in their pens by milking time. Milking time is at 3:30 PM. It's already 3:00 PM! Each cow has their own pen. After returning the cows to their proper pen, MiniCowman will have to line up the cows in the milking line, sorted by breed. The cows will also need to be branded. You must find the correct brand symbol for each cow. Can you help MiniCowman? Use the clues below.

Cow Names: Bessie, Doris, Helen

Cow Breeds: Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss

Brands: El Rancho, Mrs.Cow, Beef

1) The Jersey is branded El Rancho.

2) Doris is not the Jersey.

3) Helen is branded Beef.

4) The Brown Swiss is branded Mrs. Cow.

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