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The Law

Submitted By:tedger
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What saying is seen here?




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Posted by grilledcheese07/19/07
haha very nice

Posted by drussel307/19/07
I like it. Good one.

Posted by Therulerofthem07/19/07
Clever, I like it.

Posted by HarryPutter07/19/07
nice one ted :o

Posted by speedqueenkmw07/19/07
cute :)

Posted by Brainy_107/19/07
Nice one Tedger!!! :D I liked it!! 8)

Posted by goreylorey07/20/07
great teaser tedger. I look forward to seeing more of your teasers

Posted by Pojuer07/20/07
nice teaser! :D

Posted by freeport_coolie07/22/07
woah...nice!!!! 8)

Posted by saltydavid08/02/07
Great teaser.

Posted by Sunrose08/04/07
Enjoyed this one! 8)

Posted by Trishgal08/20/07
Did not getit :oops: but very clever THX :wink: :wink: :wink:

Posted by Hadleigh08/20/07
I see the user has been deleted but can some-one please remove the offensive comment that is still being displayed. Thanks

Posted by craniac08/20/07
Wow, if I read your award icons right, Tedger, you've submitted 5 teasers, but you've voted on 2,500 of them! That's dedication.

Posted by bradon18200108/20/07
I totally disagree with Puttumup. I thnk this is one of the best teasers I've seen in a long time. Really good job, Tedger. And no, I didn't get it, but it does make perfect sense. :o

Posted by solotrvlr108/20/07
i got a completely different answer: if you add a D each middle word in both phrases you get: mary sueD jane-- bob fireD jim in the name of the law whatever, i liked yours better... have a good monday... solotrvlr1

Posted by doehead08/20/07
Interesting.Had to think hard for the answer. :o :o

Posted by raejg08/20/07
nice! :wink:

Posted by wordmama08/20/07
Could puttumup's offensive comment please be deleted?!

Posted by phyllisa08/20/07
I said Outside the Law, good one anyway. :D

Posted by MeGirl6608/20/07

Posted by ADAWGM08/20/07
good but the girl names were in my opinion confusing and unnecessary

Posted by feste08/20/07
I first thought "No one above the law" That didn't work; Then,"Ladies First" that was better but not good enough

Posted by guessimtoosmart08/20/07
Good teaser! I love reading the wrong answers people come up with. Always good for a laugh. WHY would you even share, when half of them make no sense at all? :lol:

Posted by auntiesis08/20/07
Very good teaser, I didn't get it, but it was very clever. I hope to see some more. Thanks Ted! :) :D

Posted by chaskey08/20/07
Very good! :D I didn't get it, and I couldn't even match the clever answers in the comments, but I am still smiling. :D

Posted by 2ndhandrose08/20/07
I LIKED IT. I thought it was "Everyone is equal under the law" but now I see they were all women's names above the word LAW. You Rule! I Lose! :D :-? Has it ever been changed to NoONE is above the law? Puttumup must have been erased! I can't find that comment now. GREAT TEASER !!! :D :lol: :D :lol: :wink:

Posted by Dreamchaser08/20/07
:lol: very good Tedger

Posted by swirlingmist08/20/07
That's cute! Thanks for posting! :)

Posted by oddrey08/20/07
That was a great one, I would like to see more like that!

Posted by yourface1408/20/07

Posted by kauphi197608/20/07
Women are above the law ! no wonder they get what they want !

Posted by POPS08/20/07
Nice going that was fun :wink:

Posted by tedger08/20/07
Thanks for all the great imput guys :D glad this was my first teaser of the day :P, more coming soon to a Braingle page near you :lol:

Posted by rosekranskids08/20/07
i DIDN'T GET IT. I JUST LIKE TO READ THEM!!! :oops: :lol: :roll: 8) :P :D :) :o :wink:

Posted by Madelulabelle08/20/07
So does that mean girls are above the law???

Posted by Misa08/20/07
yeah me 2! i look 4ward to cing more o' ur teasers!!!!

Posted by siskiu08/21/07
i lovedthis one ...just loved it!

Posted by mondayschild5908/28/07
That was a good one. I really liked it. I got it wrong, but I still liked it. Monday~

Posted by lmurray08/31/07

Posted by jasmin21510/27/07
:lol: i love how women are on top!! :wink: :wink:

Posted by dalfamnest08/25/10
What about a Boy named Sue? :D Fun teaser; thanks.

Posted by Ginger120008/25/10
I was thinking that the girls were above the law and boys wernt but u know about the same so nice one

Posted by patiencewithaP08/25/10
Fun! Thanks for posting!

Posted by jcann08/25/10
I believe that "No man is above the law" is a common phrase which uses the word "man" in a general sense--which would also include women. The purpose for the women's names above the word LAW is so that it would be read correctly. Otherwise it could be read "Bob, Fred, and Jim are not above the law." I think this is a very cleverly written rebus. (And it doesn't mean that all women are above the law--just the ones named here :D )

Posted by juju194608/25/10
I actually read it as "On opposite sides of the law". I was so sure it was right, and actually, I still think it works, but that's a good teaser for that reason. Loved it :P

Posted by precious102608/25/10
I didn't get the Rebus, but I am sure, according to comments here that its a good Teaser. I used a simple method to solve this Rebus but I didn't get "Above". I was then lost. Clever, indeed... :evil:

Posted by Babe08/25/13
Loved it! :D

Posted by gaylewolf08/25/13
I liked it, too! Very cleverly written - thanks for posting! :) :wink:

Posted by HABS293308/25/13
I got it right away, but it was great.

Posted by Maggiethe8th08/25/13
Fun, and I enjoyed the other options people came up with-mine was a little off, too, but kinda worked :wink: Always fun when you get a rebus!

Posted by tripleteam508/25/13
I was quite peoud I got this and quickly. This usually eludes me :D :D 8) 8)

Posted by elentir08/26/13
Just as an FYI - here is the full quote from Teddy Roosevelt's Third State of the Union: "No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man's permission when we require him to obey it. Obedience to the law is demanded as a right; not asked as a favor."

Posted by raisin9908/25/16
a little too easy, but clever


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