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Flying in the Sky

Submitted By:Fire_Shell96
Fun:** (1.73)
Difficulty:* (0.61)

One day, a boy noticed a man selling balloons that he was blowing up by himself. Being a young child, he was excited and ran to get one. When he bought it, however, it wouldn't float up in the air. Why is that?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Montie31711/15/07
I'm sorry, but that is not a very good teaser at all. :roll: Better luck next time.

Posted by rt181911/15/07
Way to easy. :( Sorry but everyone knows that! This is not a teaser, it does not challenge at all.

Posted by lastlyboo11/15/07
:roll: SO sorry. But I have a list of reason why this cant be a good teaser. 1) Mouth blown baloons DO float a little 2) who would know that unless they are in mmiddle school? There are more, but you get my point. Good luck next time. :)

Posted by Fire_Shell9611/15/07
Srry, I didn't take much time in making this teaser, so i understand yoru objections.

Posted by jsdodgers11/15/07
WAY too easy. sorry, not good

Posted by Quickq11/20/07
Too easy.As everybody else said.:( Most balloons don't float anyway.:x Anyone could have guessed that.:roll: But it isn't too bad.I've read much worse.:lol:

Posted by sora11/21/07
Boring teaser, that is the most easiest teaser on braingle sorry dude...

Posted by 974999gec11/24/07
too easy to be a puzzle better luck next time :-?

Posted by MzPink8511/30/07
too easy!!!

Posted by ChefPoobie12/01/07
I got this instantly

Posted by allan51212/09/07
This one stunk, too easy, though it was fun!

Posted by bookwrmKP12/16/07
Sorry, but extremely easy. Everbody knows that!

Posted by EvilMonkeySpy312/17/07
a few things. first, you have to give the creator some slack! the difficulty rating WAS on the label thingy. second, and this is directed to lastlyboo, i knew mouth blown balloons didnt float when i was in first grade, so do not say that only middle school students could get that. sorry if it seems offensive (which im trying not to be) but its true

Posted by Dishhead501/16/08
Dang.. thought my one was the easiest :evil: It's not that bad xD

Posted by rockstar123456701/28/08
the boy was an early riser. it must have been when the man first blown them up or else the boy would of noticed

Posted by Majher02/01/08
what was the hint for? did you really think anyone would need it?

Posted by princess200703/09/11
Way too easy.


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