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Side Dish

Submitted By:phrebh
Fun:*** (2.75)
Difficulty:*** (2.25)

Bob was complaining to Fred about his favorite holiday side dish: Jell-O.

"I grew up eating it. My mom made it for all sorts of occasions," Bob said, "but whenever I make it, it looks like fruit soup."

Fred looked stunned, "Well, what are you doing to it? It only requires boiling water."

"Well, mom always made it with fruit cocktail," replied Bob, "but that stuff tastes awful, so I use fresh fruit. In fact, I like to make what I call my 'International Salad' with all sorts of fruits from all over the world. Of course only one of them can be found in the fruit cocktail mom always used."

Fred rolled his eyes. "Let me guess..."

What was wrong with Bob's Jell-O?

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