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Submitted By:Jessrox97
Fun:** (1.84)
Difficulty:* (0.43)

One morning I woke up to find a mummy standing right next to my bed. Why wasn't I scared?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by dogzrok04/02/08
Nice one. I live in Australia so yeah it wasnt that hard

Posted by al11104/02/08
Way too easy :oops: :oops: sorry

Posted by dudebomb9304/02/08
that was was very easy, kind of corny too :roll:

Posted by bookwrmKP04/02/08
duh. 2 EZ :roll: :(

Posted by jsdodgers04/02/08
Yes it was WAY too easy and a bit corny

Posted by Jessrox9704/02/08
Well not all the teasers on the site are meant to be hard! :x

Posted by luckylefty04/04/08
Easy but I liked it. I wish I had an Australian or British accent. "Have a spot of tea. How's your mum?" :lol:

Posted by Alan12304/06/08
i agree w/ creater even if it was easy you should not critizize

Posted by jazzmusician4604/09/08
I liked it! Really good! :D

Posted by yeymehappy04/10/08
lol easp peazy!! :D

Posted by aball91104/24/08
yeah, it was easy, but that doesn't determine the quality! great teaser, i live in the US and I got it!

Posted by Flamey50004/25/08
It was very easy! When i saw the title i knew that it was Mommy. :D

Posted by pn_1604/26/08
got it.. hehe.. easy..?? :D

Posted by huntchasedown04/27/08

Posted by pilotdude2205/11/08
'ello chum! ahahah easy-peasy

Posted by alli-palli05/12/08
no matter how easy it was, i still thought it was cute and fun :)

Posted by Lita_Lightheart06/17/08
really easy and cute :)

Posted by catfood9907/01/08
Great teaser! Even though it was easy, I liked it! :D

Posted by npf200507/10/08
Easy :lol: im english though :wink: Even if it was my mum, id be scared :o

Posted by AXTON09/16/08
yeaha easy for us aussies

Posted by elwxxxswimchick10/02/08
not too hard... but a good one though

Posted by EvilMonkeySpy311/10/08
i have to say, it was easy, but nice job. my cousins moved to england about 5 years ago, and they all have british accents now! it's so cute, the little one is almost five, and she was born over there. she definitely has the most accent! :D

Posted by Elios11/12/08
Woo! I got it right, and had a chuckle. :lol: Thanks for submitting an "easy" one - I can use this on my nieces! :D

Posted by kingofda80811/14/08
it waz suppah easy but okay... :roll:

Posted by Malika12312/31/08
So easy yet, fun! :wink:

Posted by bookworm9102/20/09
I must be the only one who didn't get it - I thought you had a mummy figure sitting on a night stand or something next to your bed. :P

Posted by Kiyoko03/05/09
A little too easy... ^_^;

Posted by coltonr109/13/09
Too easy, and way to many answers... 1. Because you weren't scared? 2. Because it was fake? 3. Because it was a dream? Too many possibilites.

Posted by MusiK12/21/09
I'd still imagine it to be frightening to wake up and see your mom looming over you and staring at you I mean if you wake up and suddenly see someone next to your bed, I'd imagine you to jump a little :D

Posted by mathisnice01/14/10
Easy but good!

Posted by kittygirl1910/14/11
It was Yo Mama!

Posted by Benjiboo11/18/11
this was 2 ez because i live in australia :roll:

Posted by corsicanwarrah07/24/15
I thought "because not everyone is scared of mummies, and I am such a person".


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