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Free Wish Day!

Submitted By:brain23
Fun:** (1.9)
Difficulty:* (0.73)

November 13 is Annual Free Wish Day! Each child in the universe gets to meet one fairy and wish for something. Unfortunately, Jorgen Von Strangle, the toughest fairy in the universe, can't remember who got what! Can you help him remember before he explodes the Earth?

1. Trixie did not wish for the chocolate shake.
2. A. J.'s fairy was Cosmo.
3. Jorgen was about to visit Earth when he heard Chester wish for something other than a hamburger.
4. Jorgen remembered that he had sent Juandissimo over to Trixie's house for the wish.
5. A. J. was really hungry at the moment, so he got Cosmo to give him a hamburger.

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