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Close Days

Submitted By:pinkhakix3
Fun:** (1.83)
Difficulty:** (1.41)


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by zale04/27/08
Could also be Doubleday!!!

Posted by bookwyrm121605/04/08
Or it could mean Today (Two Day)

Posted by oddrey06/07/08
i also thought it meant "today"

Posted by arcwolf06/11/08
ditto on the 'today'

Posted by coltonr107/14/08
Not well written or exicuted.

Posted by kwelchans07/17/08
day after day

Posted by oddrey08/23/08
alot of possible answers for this one.

Posted by bookworm9102/17/09
Thought it was today as well 8)

Posted by eggface05/08/09
I thought it was 'today', too! :roll:

Posted by bradon18200108/18/09
Nice easy rebus. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by blubberboy01/10/10
thought it was today too

Posted by thebrain78905/27/10
I thought it was "today," and I guess I'm not alone.

Posted by TallTimber06/17/11
I got it right. :D


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