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How much dirt?

Submitted By:Spikejw1
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How much dirt is in a hole 2ft. in diameter and 4ft. in depth?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by angie06/22/02
why are all of these easy

Posted by horse_luver04/04/03

Posted by Brainy_112/27/05
HA! :lol: I like 'em easy!! 8) Good one! 8) :lol: 8) :lol:

Posted by Atropus02/12/06
So how come, if you half fill in that hole with dirt, you have put dirt into the hole.... and there is still no dirt in the hole? ^_^ *implodes*

Posted by TehIgnored03/13/06
Haha....yes...quite easy...but fun.

Posted by yoshinode04/26/06
this was a commonly used trick back then.. nice that someone brought it back

Posted by elshawno05/22/06
in the words of cartman... dee de dee!!!

Posted by spazzyjazzy9306/14/06
arg that was easy cute-ish, though

Posted by Matio_Mario10/30/06

Posted by annvie906/07/08
Pretty simple. :D

Posted by puppygurl11/02/08
i hear that one a lot. it's easy. but i like em that way!! :) :) :) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by coollllkid01/03/09
my anwser matched he given perfectly, and i've never heard it before.

Posted by beyonce12306/05/10
Easy. I had heard one sorta like this that goes "How many pennies can you fit in an empty piggy bank" and the answer is: "none, if you put pennies in it it''s not empty no more'


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