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7 = U T of I as of 2008

Submitted By:V_Bapat
Fun:** (1.87)
Difficulty:*** (2.67)

7 = U T of I as of 2008

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by SPUTNIK205/19/08
Nice and fun:)

Posted by V_Bapat05/23/08
Thanks SPUTNIK2 for the first comment on my first approved teaser. :D

Posted by seanlandrews07/03/08
I get really frustrated with teasers that don't give you any chance to figure them out. There is nothing in the title to indicate what you are talking about, and there is no hint.

Posted by V_Bapat07/15/08
seanlandrews, I have included a hint in the teaser. Thanks for your suggestion. Hope I get better ratings for this teaser now. :)

Posted by Zarahemla0501/29/09
Great job VB! Thanks!

Posted by kvthegreat02/28/09
this was a nice one Easy for me though


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