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Body Temperatures

Submitted By:brainyboy615
Fun:** (1.6)
Difficulty:*** (2.17)

What is represented by this rebus?

Head: 150 degrees Fahrenheit
Body: 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by safire219106/10/08
Hot head works too =)

Posted by brainyboy61506/10/08
The first tme I submitted it, the answer was hot head... but the editors told me to change it to dead head.

Posted by kunju06/10/08
was very hard :roll:

Posted by lgleaves06/10/08
i really thought it was hot head, but if the editors told you something else... i still think hot head would have been better. do ya know who the editors were? =] it was good either way!

Posted by luckylefty06/10/08
That's dumb that they told you to change it :-?

Posted by brainyboy61506/10/08
I agree.

Posted by dswilborn06/10/08
Completely agree - hot head seems much more logical.

Posted by arcwolf06/11/08
I got hothead too.

Posted by Hadleigh06/11/08
Hot head was the first thing I thought of too. But at 150 degrees, it is probably DEAD :D

Posted by karenokupniak06/12/08
Dead head makes for a much tougher quiz, but hothead is the most logical answer.

Posted by wolfpackw206/12/08
"Hot Head" makes a LOT more sense. If you want to consider reality, a head temp of 150 would more than likely result in a body temp of the same. And if the head IS dead from being 150 degrees, that would imply that the body is dead also.

Posted by treyflip306/12/08
i was thinking hot head

Posted by jmichalek012106/12/08
i, too, went for "hot head"...

Posted by brainster06/14/08
I went straight for hot head too. Clever one. :)

Posted by brickhome06/15/08
would never have guessed "dead head" ... good teaser :D

Posted by seanlandrews07/08/08
I got "hot head", don't think dead head is very good.

Posted by adrena07/13/08
love it :D

Posted by coltonr107/14/08
I dislikes that.... Sorry, but one they changed it, and two that was a very boring.

Posted by unklemyke07/16/08
BrainBoy- Why did you pick 150 degrees for the head temp?:-? If you watch ER or House, etc. you soon learn that any temp above 103 or so for any extended period of time (24 hrs plus or minus) starts to kill brain cells, 150 would certainly fry all the circuits, which is why the editors specified (brain)dead head, I'm sure. :roll: Cute teaser, anyhoo. :lol: :D

Posted by Bgjhn07/17/08
I can see why the editors wanted it to be "dead-head;" there was an old rock band "the grateful dead," and their legions of fans were often referred as "dead-heads." But why reference that in "body temp" not "music"?

Posted by brainyboy61507/18/08
unklemyke, I just picked a random number. I didn't do that much research. :wink:

Posted by tintiniscool07/21/08
I'll just pretend that it said hothead... :) Funny teaser!

Posted by oddrey08/23/08
I think the editors should have told you to lower the tempurature some rather than change the answer. :-?

Posted by mumbojumbo123412/26/08

Posted by Jimbo01/11/09
Hot head surely.

Posted by tonjawithaj02/20/09
I agree with tintin...I'll pretend it said hot-head. :D

Posted by bradon18200106/04/09
Either answer fits. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by thebrain78905/23/10
I was thinking "hot-headed."


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