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Earth 3

Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:*** (2.15)
Difficulty:*** (3.05)

Where does Earth belong in the following astronomical series?

Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Venus

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by tinaG07/13/08
maybe the most obscure one ive read here

Posted by EmeraldragoN07/14/08
I don't understand this quiz at all. You really have to know the things to understand and answer the quiz correctly. Good teaser, but really, really hard.

Posted by sourdough07/14/08
what the??? $D

Posted by CatsAreCute07/14/08
I liked it. Nice one. :D

Posted by bradon18200108/04/08
I found it hard, but not impossible.Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by unklemyke08/19/08
The title sort of gives away the answer, even when you have NO clue what is being ranked. :-? How long did you have to dig through tomes of obscure knowledge to come up with THAT one?? :wink: I'm jealous! :lol:

Posted by jamesbond08/23/08

Posted by carlp08/29/08
is this supposed to be common knowledge or are we expected to grab our handy planet factbooks and find out?

Posted by bigabbs12/04/08
DUUHHH!!! axis of INCLINATION (in degrees, of course), that was obvious seriously, stupidest puzzle i have had the misfortune of reading

Posted by tommysmo02/27/09
i had no chance!

Posted by mcFuzzy04/29/09
That was very challenging!

Posted by calmsavior10/21/09
I actually remember learning the axis of all the planets... seriously :P

Posted by precious102605/25/10
I knew nothing of planetary science, but I know astrology a little better. I justed looked for the planet that is the closet to earth on a regular guy earth day. There you have it. This is a decent Teaser...

Posted by precious102605/25/10
Disregard the word justed :lol: Yeah, Write...

Posted by Marple07/12/10
Are you kidding???? This was impossible unless you are a Professor. :o

Posted by Candi706/12/12
Uh, YEAH! Is everyone supposed to be some kind of genius? :o


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