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The Soccer Ball Logic Grid

Submitted By:beatlesman12
Fun:** (2.06)
Difficulty:* (0.56)

Four friends own different color soccer balls in different sizes. Determine who has what color soccer ball and what size it is.

Kids: Ian, Jessica, Henry, Will
Colors: Red, White, Blue, Green
Size: 2, 3, 4, 5

1. None of the boys own a white soccer ball.
2. Ian has a ball that is bigger than a 2 but smaller than a 5.
3. The kids are Jessica, the kid with the red size 4 soccer ball, Henry and his green ball, and Will.
4. Will has a size 3 soccer ball.
5. Jessica does not have a size 5.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by june1209/07/08
easy but fun i enjoyed it

Posted by markmonnin09/08/08
It was okay, but try having more clues about what is not than about what is. :)

Posted by geccco09/10/08
Nice teaser, a little too easy. Try to make us thinka bit more. Overall, though, and very good teaser.

Posted by here209/26/08
It is nice to have a number of easy ones in the mix. Good job.

Posted by elephantgurl9711/07/08
:lol: :roll: WAY TOO EASY!! a little fun. :cry: not great

Posted by Zarahemla0503/20/09
Great for beginners! Thanks! :D

Posted by nascarfan1904/23/09
little easy, but good :)

Posted by caberet08/27/09
Clue #2 was not needed because it was duplicated in clue #3.

Posted by Hello2602/11/15
Sorta bored me. Should have added a funny story with it :wink: :roll: :wink:


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