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Plane Crash

Submitted By:BJLeeLuu
Fun:*** (2.24)
Difficulty:* (0.57)

A plane is flying from the Bahamas to Canada. It crashes on the border of the United States and Canada. Where do they bury the survivors?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by queenlila12/27/02
This one is a lot harder to solve when it's said out loud, because it gives you less opportunity to think about it.

Posted by horse_luver04/04/03
how many times have i herd dis 1?!?

Posted by icehaven04/05/03
I have read this a few times before...

Posted by frankenweoburger05/17/03
This is a good teaser but I`ve always had a problem with it; are these immortal survivors? You`d think they would die at some point, and then they would be buried in their home country.

Posted by Newf05/21/03
Wow this is old, but good.

Posted by sweetime06/01/05
wherever feels most sadistic...

Posted by trickster200507/21/05
i learned this from reruns of the Cosby show.

Posted by DJ12310/17/05
first time i've heard this one... i think. anyway i managed to get but still good teaser :D

Posted by WyndRyder7611/19/05
Snap, I should've read this more carefully ^^' this is a pretty cool teaser.

Posted by hamburger12/03/05
Its a better oral teaser than written.

Posted by brules37012/28/05
This teaser got me 10000000000 10000000001 times! :wink:

Posted by Atropus03/05/06
Well they may survive this time.. but I doubt they are going to skip the dirt nap altogether ^_~

Posted by thompson103/10/06
this i the oldet joke ever herd butt still good onr notis i spelled but wrong :wink: :oops:

Posted by jntrcs03/22/06
soooooooooooo olllllllllllldddddddd

Posted by Smart_Alex04/22/06
Old, but not bad.

Posted by spazzyjazzy9304/29/06
i've heard this one way too many times but i still like it :)

Posted by angelpunk10/08/06
*eye twitches violently*

Posted by eyenowhour12/11/06
I think this one is more of a joke than a teaser.

Posted by buddyboy02/20/07
:cry: I was trying to submit this exact riddle, but I didn''t know you had already beat me to it. :lol:

Posted by markXmyXwords02/22/07
old but good :roll: :lol: :wink:

Posted by lav4geniy03/07/07
Good one!

Posted by sweetsaregood03/20/07
That got me fooled!That was a good trick! :lol:

Posted by smartsandsoccer12/28/07
Not original at all. . . it was probably made before you were even born!!! :-? :-? :-?

Posted by aball91103/01/08
whose to say they WOULDN'T bury the survivors? :o maybe the plane was shot down by guerilla troops, who snuck back to the wreckage, then buried everyone, even those still alive, so nobody could tell the police what REALLY happened :o yeah, i have a bit too much free time on my hands :oops:

Posted by SEPTILLIONGOLDS01/15/09
Yeah this was a duplicate of the thing i am going to submit.

Posted by beyonce12306/05/10
My daddy told me dis when I was widdle. :D :D :D I likey.

Posted by beyonce12306/05/10
:D ooooooo, smiley

Posted by beyonce12306/05/10
I was gonna submit that

Posted by baliset02/14/11
sweetime, :lol:


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