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Submitted By:javaguru
Fun:** (2.03)
Difficulty:*** (3.09)

What 5-digit number completes the series:


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by megabreath12/28/08

Posted by tpg7612/30/08
Good one - thanks for a challenge. I almost had it - and then the clue helped me finish. I don't know why this is rated so low. I think many on this site prefer to see things really dumbed down. It's good to have some harder ones - Braingle could use more like this. Thanks; good job.

Posted by GebbieRose12/31/08
I think there are many people on site looking for a challenge such as this. I wouldn't even consider the popularity score as challenging math problems generally rate low here. Keep up the good work! :)

Posted by Holo02/15/09
me> :o

Posted by PiRsquared03/02/09
I figured it out without the hint! :D Yeah, I don't get the low fun rating. This was much more enjoyable than a lot of the stupidly-easy teasers that get 3+ fun ratings. Keep up the good work! :D

Posted by calmsavior10/11/09
The most likely reason it gets a low score is that, without the hint, there is absolutely no leads to which one can effective solve the puzzle. This is the reason why I gave it a low entertainment rating.


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