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Submitted By:westbrook
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What is the missing number?

5 90 53 __ 11286 11249 11823

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Shadows01/10/09
What's the point of subtracting 37 and then adding 574? Why not just add 537?

Posted by lizzard01/12/09
i thought is was lousy...but points for trying :-?

Posted by rt181901/28/09
This teaser is practically impossible. And not to be mean, but it is the least liked on the website. Maybe you could make it a little easier next time? I applaud you for submitting a hard teaser, though, something not many people do.

Posted by bookwrmKP02/19/09
Ummmm... Part of the point of teasers is actually stretching your brain out and trying to think of the answer. I agree w/above posts, though: this is practically impossible! Really, if you submit a teaser like this, you should provide some more clues and then a way that you could solve it mathematically in the answer. If everyone made up teasers randomly like this one, this would be a really disappointing site. I suggest you try a little harder on your next teaser!

Posted by Quickq07/01/09
This teaser is completely random. :x There's no thought process at all. :-? In fact, it's the least popular teaser on the site! :evil: . . . Actually, I don't think it's THAT bad. :wink:

Posted by solarsistim32108/20/09
I don't understand how 5*18 -37 +574 is 90? :-?

Posted by doodinthemood08/23/09
^ It's a two-step sequence. So it works like this: 5 x18 = 90 +537=627 x18=11286 bit random, but definitely not impossible, and I quite liked how I was caught off guard by a standard mathematical sequence after all the other ones.

Posted by mathisnice03/04/10
Definitely not impossible, in act I found it pretty easy. A good attempt, but definitely not my favorite teaser.

Posted by beyonce12305/29/10
horrible. not to be m,ean but it is the least popular teaser on this site. I can tell that there were more comments but they were all so insulting that they were removed. Also this is impossible to figure out. I mean who's gonna say "oh, I bet the answer is x18 -37 +574." It should at least be in math if it has to be on this site.

Posted by coolcat10120207/20/11
I love math, but i have to say that this is a boring teaser. As someone else said its a good attempt but maybe make it a little easier and perhaps turn it into a story.

Posted by ultimatecub03/23/15
Incidentally it happens to be the least popular on the site, but I think people are just downrating it for difficulty. There is a difference between FUN and DIFFICULT.


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