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Rummag E

Submitted By:coollllkid
Fun:** (1.84)
Difficulty:*** (2.76)

What does this represent?

rummag e

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Paladin04/13/09
obscure, but entertaining.

Posted by braingle10004/14/09
I didn't like it. #1 it was was in the wrong category,#2, It was just way to hard to figure out. sorry, but I just did'nt like it.

Posted by coollllkid04/14/09
it's not in the wrong catogory, it's a rebus.

Posted by lil0904/18/09
It was challenging, and I didn't figure it out. I still liked it.

Posted by lil0904/18/09
Congrats on your first teaser. I went to see your other teasers and found that this was the first one you submitted. I agree that it is definitely a rebus.

Posted by coollllkid04/19/09
thank you.

Posted by bradon18200104/19/09
Nice rebus especially for a first try. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by reggie5704/24/09
good job! I definetly didn't figure this one out!! :wink:

Posted by dalfamnest09/09/09
A creative and challenging puzzle. Thanks. :o

Posted by bigabbs12/21/09
I didn't like this one. I got right away what rummag e meant, but i thought it was thief. Let's face it, alot of people rummage thru stuff.

Posted by bigabbs12/21/09
never mind, just got the "part e" part, now i feel like a jack a$$ lol :oops:

Posted by TallTimber03/09/10
Interesting teaser. I didn't get it.


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