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Submitted By:Emmyluzam
Fun:*** (3.01)
Difficulty:** (1.97)

Decipher this phrase-



Unhappy without you

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by rose_rox06/10/02
lol this one's good!!!

Posted by Drunky06/10/02
very good :) had me fooled

Posted by einat1606/11/02
Well done.

Posted by emmyluzam06/11/02

Posted by J_L_Quicksolve07/04/02
lol lol lolololololol :):)LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Posted by 4sh_n_7ay_t4y07/30/02
I got it, but it took a while, good work .

Posted by bmotts08/09/02
nice. hope u'll find happiness :)

Posted by kiwioz908/11/02
haha, lol, very nice.

Posted by dsquared08/22/02
heh... liked it. I got "Happy in a nappy", but I like your answer better.

Posted by willymapo07/14/03
Hey, simply wonderful

Posted by Smithy08/17/03

Posted by rashad07/05/04
Hey i really liked thet GOOD JOB.get some new 1s. :D :D :lol:

Posted by ThreeTwoOne07/05/04
It's simple without being entirely obvious, and the solution is easy to grasp without "reaching," as many rebuses do. Welcome to my favorites. :D

Posted by witness07/05/04
Very Tidy! 8)

Posted by Goat10/29/04
I didn't get it but I likes it.

Posted by darthforman05/21/05
:cry: :lol: :wink:

Posted by deadeye82306/16/05
This teaser made me go from :cry: to :D

Posted by TsunamiSurfer07/05/05
Hi: I hope you are unhappy no more, now that I am here. Thanks for the compliment and the teaser. quack - quack

Posted by MTK_9007/05/05

Posted by tamjp07/05/05
:wink: Clever 8)

Posted by FeaerFactorY66607/05/05
Ha ha! Nice....... VERY clever!! :lol: :D

Posted by luckybrown07/05/05
i am a girl and i did like it very much! :D

Posted by smartypants50107/05/05
i don't really get this 1 but then again i don't get a lot of things

Posted by StOoPs07/05/05
I also made that mistake . . . I got the unhappy part, but I didn't think about the "without you" part. Good though! It's in my favorites . . . :D :)

Posted by padme07/05/05
that's funny.

Posted by amanduh0507/05/05
Cute i loved it keep em comin :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by monkies_r2_kool07/05/05
i liked this one it really fooled me :D

Posted by slipknot66607/05/05
i liked the teaser, but the answer made me sad because i'm unhappy without someone, and i will always be unhappy. if you want to know why i will always be unhappy, just PM me. i still liked the teaser. it just made me sadder than I already am. thanks a lot :(

Posted by okieman5107/05/05
I said " Happy New Year!" but that went over like a turd in the punch bowl. Good one, u got me :D :D

Posted by goosh07/05/05
it got it the second i read it!- but hay- it made me smile :)

Posted by sambean07/05/05
i thought it was just unhappy. that wouldn't have made sense though :roll: that was very good :D

Posted by RichNCoco07/05/05
Love it! :lol:

Posted by hotbeaverchick07/05/05
that was great! made me smile. :D and for all of you who didnt get it, well the word is unhappy with out the u because it is nhappy, and so unhappy with out you. get it?

Posted by beerexs07/05/05
well done

Posted by bobbet07/05/05
: D :D :D :D :roll: :roll: i really liked that one will use it on all my freinds. keep em commin

Posted by nightowl1907/05/05
I didn't get it until I checked the hint. I really liked it, though! :D

Posted by DancAllNiteLong07/05/05
nice job :D :) :D :) :wink:

Posted by xFLoRiDa_HuNNyX07/05/05
that was good!im adding it to my favorites!

Posted by 1CrazyBrunette07/05/05
awww dats cute!!!!!!!!!! :wink: definatly one of my favorites! :)

Posted by SaturnCat0807/05/05
Good One! :D

Posted by superben07/06/05
good :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by riddlelover07/08/05
i figured out the first part, but im still trying to figure out the rest... :oops: Maybe im just slow... :lol:

Posted by Aarghonauts07/08/05
Excellent!! I love clever word games like this one! :lol: :lol: :lol: :P :D :)

Posted by loveshellylove08/01/05
8) Awwwwwwwwwww :wink:

Posted by turtlesrock4408/22/05
lololololololololololol :lol: 8) :P :D :)

Posted by kaakramer10/04/06
Cute and clever. I didn't get it though :-(

Posted by Trishgal10/04/06
I thought it was happy in the beginning, but the hint made me realize that was all wrong. :roll: Anyway by that time i was tired of trying to figure it out and looked :o It was really so obvious after you saw the answer and a cute puzzle 8) 8)

Posted by OldChinaHand10/04/06
As Muldoon said, in the American movie 'near' classic, Jurassic Park, "Cleaver girl." Fine teaser I liked it. 8)

Posted by Badger10/04/06
Easy, but very cute! Thanks for submitting. :D

Posted by marschie10/04/06
Wow, I got this one before I read it!! The title was "nhappy" and the first word after the title was "Rebus ..." and I instantly knew the answer! Hurray for me!! Hurray for emmyluzan, for sending in this teaser! :D :D :D

Posted by coachpisco10/04/06
Terrific. I didn't get this one, but it is good. :D

Posted by bradon18200110/04/06
I needed the hint to complete this rebus. Cute and fun. :o

Posted by TheSmartest10/04/06
I got this in my email as the teaser of the day, so I didn't have the hint. Without the hint I ended up with NotHAPPY same meaning, but wrong word. Anyway, great teaser!

Posted by jabdr10/04/06
My thought process doesn't handle a rebus very well. This was so clever and so easy for so many, but I never 'see' the answer. Great job! 8) :roll:

Posted by kman61310/04/06
That was awesome. No way I was going to get it - but very clever when I read the answer.

Posted by saleprice10/04/06
:D sooooo cute! I got the unhappy part but failed to get the `u` part...... loved it none the less. TY. :)

Posted by scallio10/04/06
Very easy but oh so cute! :wink: :D

Posted by Synlapse10/04/06
Guess I need more work on the rebus. Especially since it seemed so obvious after I saw the answer. Nice one though :cry: :cry:

Posted by RRAMMOHAN10/04/06
Got this after a bit of thought! I am not good with rebus teasers, but this one gave me a lot of confidence after I solved it. I like this teaser, as it is cleverly and simply worded. Thanks. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by locutus13ds10/04/06
I'm unhappy iI didn't get this. Good one any way. :roll:

Posted by 4kai2lyn610/04/06
way cute!! i needed the hint, but then i got it!!

Posted by Badger10/04/06
I've only been around this site for a few months. I didn't like rebus teasers (and wasn't very good at them, originally). I've learned alot, and now they're some of my faves! I've learned that practice helps on this category. As always, what's easy and obvious for me one day, is difficult or impossible for someone else... Change the day, change the teaser, and I'm on the other side! :oops: Fun how the brain works. :wink: :wink:

Posted by speedqueenkmw10/04/06
wonderful!! :lol:

Posted by suganue10/04/06
:( i didn't get it. I thought it was happy ending. :( :(

Posted by feste10/04/06
I got the first part, but still don't understand how "without you" fits in.

Posted by ari_110/04/06
lol very clever i like that one!!!oh and i got it right!! :lol:

Posted by Wingsfan10/04/06
Very cute! It made me laugh... :lol:

Posted by cincigirl4ever10/04/06
the "without you" fits in to the rebus very well. when the hint asks you what's missing, the answer is "U". the word 'nhappy' is actually 'unhappy', but without the u in front. so the phrase "unhappy without you" is created, using the word you instead of the letter u. :D great teaser!

Posted by kcheer249310/04/06
def on my faves!

Posted by OhEmGee10/04/06
i loved this!!! too cute!!! gosh all you peoples who make up teasers youre great!! but this one in particular!! i loved it! 8)

Posted by yuki239610/04/06
If i was a techer i'd give you an F-

Posted by Shadowmist10/04/06
"If i was a techer i'd give you an F-" It's probably a good thing that you're not a "techer." I thought it was pretty easy but fun :)

Posted by utnative10/04/06
had lots of fun, didn't solve it but it was lots of fun trying. great teaser great job. by the way, who got the new This is offensive stamp. looks like you are haveing fun also. but what is offensive about the comments above? no bad words, no insults, oh i get it you don't like nice comments. i'm sorry, how about this I Hate Your Offensive Stamp!!! do we feel better now? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:

Posted by jcann10/04/06
I liked this one because I could figure it out. I still don't understand the "This is offensive" thing. I never see that on my computer. I understand what it's for, but where is it?

Posted by luvdoritos70610/05/06
hahaha....thats funny....nice

Posted by tdbrsun10/05/06
I thought not happy also. I am not good with this type of teaser. I keep trying though. Nice going.

Posted by djtalckerb10/07/06

Posted by vlerma10/09/06
Nice job and a good rebus. Made one think for a while. More please? :D

Posted by Qrystal10/13/06
Cute. I didn't figure it out, not even with the hint, but that's par for the course for me and rebuses.

Posted by sarita0110/18/06
i though it was like nappy hair :oops: :oops:

Posted by coltonr103/10/07
Great teaser, but way to easy. :D -Coltonr1- 8)

Posted by Jimbo06/03/07
Soooooooo Good :D

Posted by gaylewolf10/04/09
Very clever. :P I liked that one! :P Thanks! :wink:

Posted by leroyleroy10/04/09

Posted by dalfamnest10/04/09
These are so popular - makes me wonder why the bosses have felt the need to stop them. Quick and usually witty; satisfying to get right, and we all enjoy the 'of course' moment when we read an answer we didn't get! [I got this one, though.] :wink:

Posted by doehead10/04/09

Posted by craniac10/04/09
The logic seems questionable to me. This WOULD be "unhappy" WITH a U. But WITHOUT a U, it's NOT "unhappy", it's "nhappy", which is meaningless.

Posted by FatHead10/04/09
WAY too easy. How did it get a 2.0 difficulty rating?

Posted by hubbamutt77710/04/09
i didn't get it. i got unhappy, just like a lot uv other people. great teaser, though! lol :lol: I DON'T LIKE ALL OF U THAT R BEING MEAN TO THE WRITERS UV THE TEASERS!!! itz really not very nice! :evil:

Posted by hubbamutt77710/04/09
cool! i was the 100th person to comment! â–²

Posted by auntiesis10/05/09
This was a very cute but easy teaser. I really liked it. Thanks :D :lol: :D

Posted by Babe10/04/12
It was okay, but not as good as some I have seen. Almost everyone seems pleased so that should count for something

Posted by kmrutledge10/04/12
Ok I totally do not get it.

Posted by gaylewolf10/04/12
kmrutledge, the rebus read NHAPPY and it means Unhappy without you. The "U" is missing in the word NHAPPY Does that make sense? I liked this one; it is a good one! Thanks! :wink: :)

Posted by gaylewolf10/04/12
Doehead, if you return and see this one, please do not complain. It's still cute! PS How are you doing?? I'd say I'm NHAPPY without you, but that would be another repeat! :)

Posted by HABS293310/04/12
I think Doehead had a point in the complaints about the repetitiveness of some of the daily teasers. I have only been on here for about 18 months and have seen lots of teasers repeated. One would think that with the large pool from which to draw that would not be necessary. As for this particular teaser, I did not solve it, as I like a few previous posters first came up with "unhappy ending" I did not read the hint until after I read the answer but I'm not sure it would have helped anyway.

Posted by cutebug10/04/12
The teaser describes how I would be w/o my spouse. :D :D But I agree with DOEHEAD also. :wink:

Posted by doehead10/04/12
Geez, I didn't realize I was still talked about on briangle. Hello to all my old friends and enemies. And a special HELLO to my greastest friend GAYLEWOLF :wink: :wink:

Posted by jaycr10/04/15
The teaser was fun. The most recent comments are hilarious. :lol:

Posted by cutebug10/04/15
13 years later and this teaser is still on. WOW.

Posted by catmom10/04/15
I got it!! Good one. :D

Posted by Zykezex10/04/15
I was looking at it for a few minutes, when suddenly- "got it!" Imagine my surprise to look at the answer to find it (isn't) "Happy Ending." :o

Posted by KDJstyle10/06/15
That is so cute. Sending that message to my bestie 😜😜😜🏫🐢🐌


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