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5 Weddings and a Mistake

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A church is having 5 weddings in one day. However, due to a clerical error, the church has no idea which couple they are expecting and in what order they are scheduled to be wed. Each name is in the correct column, but only 1 of the names within each column actually appears in the correct row. Using the clues below, match the grooms, the brides, and the surnames, then place each couple in its proper order.

Groom Bride Surname
Peter Amber Kent
Paul Elonna Dixen
James Brittany Adams
Matthew Whitley Moss
Luke Chelsea Smith

1) Luke is 1 place after Whitley.
2) Chelsea is 1 place before the Mosses.
3) James is not marrying Whitley nor is he a Moss.
4) The Kents are 1 place before Brittany, who is 2 places after James.
5) Peter is 2 places before the Smiths.

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