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Submitted By:dalfamnest
Fun:**** (3.24)
Difficulty:*** (2.76)

If you throw me from the window,
I will leave a grieving wife.
Bring me back, but in the door, and
You'll see someone giving life!

What am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by acornalice11/22/09
I loved this teaser, so much fun Hee hee :o

Posted by animallover200011/22/09
Hey, how do you get points? I really need to know! I am 5 days old, and tommorow, if I don't have 250 points! Please help!

Posted by Jake1012/05/09
Very clever. Loved it! :D

Posted by dalfamnest12/07/09
Thanks, Jake and Alice (even if you say this about everyone, Alice!! :D ). It just came to my mind one evening and I thought it cute and quick! :D

Posted by deepsea12/30/09
That's very clever.

Posted by crazy10man12/30/09
That was tricky, but I liked it!

Posted by emu77alu0212/30/09
Wow that was pretty good. It did trick me too! :oops:

Posted by patiencewithaP12/30/09
Very good! I would never have guessed it. :lol:

Posted by auntiesis12/30/09
Very clever, I liked it. Didn't get it, but I still like it. :roll:

Posted by bestgirl12/30/09
Sorry, didn't care much for this one. :(

Posted by UptheHill12/30/09
NICE!!! 8) :lol:

Posted by dani4w45t12/31/09
Wow, that never even entered my mind. Great teaser, keep em comin!

Posted by precious102602/14/10
8) :evil: This made know sense at all. How could come on live Braingle with this senseless Teaser. I scored you high, for having the Gaul. Good Work. I was waiting for this fantastic answer, and BAM. :roll:

Posted by precious102602/14/10
:lol: :( ok, ok , ok, I am trying. Who are We? ok, ok, I did like DoNor... I think... I am not thinking :roll:

Posted by nakajima0104/21/10
Riddle well written! 4.5/5*

Posted by Marijah06/29/10
haha!!! nice! :lol:

Posted by HABS293304/13/11
Good one.

Posted by fermats10/22/11
Personally, I think it works just as well as a statement about the chaos of our culture which has even affected our eating habits. Most of the time food is thrown out of a drive through window in a robotic, impersonal, inhuman manner, shattering the idea of the nuclear family and saddening our mothers that worked so hard to raise us in a loving environment. But if you take the time to walk into a place and enjoy the food socially, you'll be living again. lulz. jk.

Posted by dalfamnest11/03/11
Wow, Fermats - I never thought I could be so philosophical! You must be one of those guys who writes reviews of abstract art!! :lol: AND you make a great point about society.

Posted by Babe12/30/12
Very clever and enjoyable. Did not get it , but it still was a good one. :D

Posted by HABS293312/30/12
Really liked it, I did not come up with the answer but once I saw the answer it made perfect sense. Those are the best ones. Now off to see if I can stump others with it.

Posted by gaylewolf12/30/12
I LOVED this one! Very clever - thanks! :wink: :)

Posted by bestgirl12/30/12
Haven't changed my mind since 2009.

Posted by annie969812/30/12
Terrific teaser. Well written, makes perfect sense, and a great sense of wordplay. I don't often comment, but this one deserves it. Great job.

Posted by mejajones12/30/12
Loved it!

Posted by Quocalimar12/31/12
Well, i almost got it. I assumed it was 'Letter'. The lette rbeing thrown out of the window would leave a grieving wife, because the letter could be of a dead husband at war. If the letter is coming throught the door, then new life could be that letter was a college acceptance letter, making ay for a better life.

Posted by Rainfall12/30/15
My English teacher in fifth grade gave this teaser to us. It took us almost a week to figure it out! Ah, nostalgia. :D great teaser.

Posted by gaylewolf12/30/15
Clever teaser. I didn't remember it, but I see I commented on it in 2012. Happy New Year everyone! :)

Posted by bestgirl12/30/15
Same as my last two comments.

Posted by AmandaDrews12/27/16
good one. you can find more such good riddles here:


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