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Submitted By:dalfamnest
Fun:*** (2.8)
Difficulty:*** (2.18)

Mavis the 'mathemagician' held ten cards (face down) in her hand - Ace (1) to 10 of Hearts.

She moved the top card to the bottom of the pack, counting '1', and turned up the next card, placing it on the table. It was the Ace.

She counted two more cards to the bottom of the pack, showed the next card - the '2' - and placed it on the table.

Counting, 'One, two, three' more to the bottom, she then showed the next card - '3' of Hearts.

This continued for four to nine, and the final card was - ta-daah! - the '10' of Hearts.

Question: What was the original order of cards, from the top to bottom?

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