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Curtail Y

Submitted By:MarcM1098
Fun:**** (3.25)
Difficulty:** (1.64)

When you curtail a word, you remove the last letter and still have a valid word. You will be given clues for the two words, longer word first.
Example: Begin -> Heavenly body
Answer: The words are Start and Star.

1. Local region of land -> Determine the number
2. Small -> A metallic element
3. Sarcasm -> A metallic element
4. Red gem -> Cause friction
5. Slick -> Foot covering
6. Prepared -> Understand something written
7. Analyse; learn -> House frame upright
8. Paralysis of a body part with uncontrolled tremors -> Friends

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by dalfamnest04/19/10
A great end (?) to a great series, Marc; thanks!! I'm waiting for Z, of course!! :lol: That will challenge you - and us. :D :D

Posted by addie05/18/10
This was great, but I gots me a questiion... I do not understand #7 An, "upright house frame," is a "stud?" Someone please expain? addie 8)

Posted by addie05/18/10
sorry, "House Frame Upright."

Posted by MarcM109805/18/10
Many houses are built on a light-weight frame. If you could look inside your wall, you would see upright pieces (usually 2-by-4s) called studs, and horizontal pieces called plates.

Posted by builder05/18/10
good explanation of a stud Marc, Though tin is a combination of metallic elements and not an element itself , close enough I suppose because even I could figure it out. Thanks.

Posted by bradon18200105/18/10
Good teaser, really had to give several of them a lot of thought. Thanks for posting.

Posted by bluemage05/18/10
The "house frame upright" clue barely made sense, but I got it anyway. and Tin is an element... look at the periodic table.

Posted by tonjawithaj05/18/10
builder, Tin is an element of itself. #50 on the periodic table abbreviation of Sn. :D I lurve my periodic table!

Posted by patiencewithaP05/18/10
Great teaser! Needed the hint for the last one but got 'em all! :D

Posted by Jimmymo05/18/10
Fun! I came up with a different answer for #1. I had padd, and add. Use to referenceing different PADD's in the oil and gas business. Whoops!! :oops: :oops:

Posted by bear0105/18/10
love these:) though you got me on count and county..we dont use the term county in Australia so much any more.. :-? thanks for getting my brain going :lol:

Posted by Babe05/18/13
So many like these. After a while you get bored. :(

Posted by lukasiwicz05/18/13
These would be more challenging if the letter to be dropped from the end of the first word weren't always the same letter, in this case "y."

Posted by HABS293305/18/13
I enjoyed it as I always do. For those who want the challenge of not knowing the letter, just look at Marc's other teasers he has a bunch of those too. I am really surprised at those who did not get (as in understand) the "stud' one, I thought te fact that that the upright pieces of wood (or metal) that frame a house were called "studs" was common knowledge, I knew it, and I know nothing about tools or building or construction at all. Marc, I went to see if you've done Z yet, and noticed there are a number of letters missing! I know it can't be easy to find words that work for each letter that work in these (the behead ones as well), but I was looking forward to doing the whole alphabet before I tackle the ones that the letter is unknown.

Posted by MarcM109805/18/13
There is no "Curtail Z", I couldn't find enough words to do a whole teaser on just that, but I think there are few Z-ending words in the regular Curtail series (where each word ends in a different letter).

Posted by LittleGreenMan05/18/16
No comments ?? But ... but ..... what can I comment on if there are no comments to comment on? :lol: :lol: das bunnee-one


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