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The River

Submitted By:zigthepig
Fun:** (1.78)
Difficulty:* (0.52)

Kurt was trying to cross the River Thames in London. Unfortunately, Kurt couldn't swim, it was too far to jump and there were no boats about. Finally, he figured it out! How did he cross the river?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by sashomarine05/01/10
1st Post! Pretty easy, but good.

Posted by mathisnice05/01/10
Good, but very easy.

Posted by xdbtcp05/03/10
"Finally, he figured it out!" Dude's not too bright, eh?? :-?

Posted by beyonce12305/03/10
lol to comment above me :lol:

Posted by zigthepig05/04/10
No, he isn't :P

Posted by bbcoolbeans705/04/10
Well, inorder to figure this one out, we would have to reasearch that certain river. Or we would have to know at least what it looks like! And so i voted...........boring and easy/hard.

Posted by BeanSC05/05/10
I enjoyed it and got the correct answer, luckily, because there could be other options... like chartering a helicopter to fly across! :D

Posted by gargph05/05/10
I thought it was something on a board game or something like that :o

Posted by Icewing06/27/10
is he blind?

Posted by quizwizAhn07/13/10
I thought he rode a ship, not a boat...

Posted by Marple08/22/10
it was so easy but fun! I was wondering if the answer would be "the river was frozen so he walked across"! :lol: :)

Posted by thebrain78908/27/10
I got it right. I didn't know that there are numerous bridges on the River Thames, but then again I don't live anywhere near there.

Posted by wickywoo11/29/10
Easiest teaser I've ever done, and as for the people that are saying 'well I don't live there' haven't you heard of the London bridge?

Posted by Nerine01/06/11
Very easy... but I'm worried if the man was wondering how to cross a river... How do you cross any river? Surely he could see a bridge :roll:

Posted by NAngelaMiller01/20/11
I give it an all around Meh!

Posted by precious102602/23/11
I guess anything can pass as a boat, ship or teaser. Why didn't he think of the boat earlier? He knew he couldn't swim. Its a little weak, but I still enjoyed this teaser... :wink:

Posted by Benjiboo11/04/11
i was right :D but for a different reason :wink: it didnt say ANYTHING about he couldnt cross a bridge :lol: (all of this is making my brain hurt :oops:)

Posted by zembobo11/21/11
Kurt was actually a bird and he remembered that he could fly. Or there was a draught and he was able to walk across because the water level was so low. Or.........


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