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Word Grid 5

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Difficulty:*** (3.02)

Arrange 25 five-letter words in a 5-by-5 grid. The five words in each row share a common letter. The five words in each column share a common letter. The five words in each diagonal share a common letter. There are 12 different common letters.

The grid cells are identified by row (1 to 5, top to bottom) and column (1 to 5, left to right). Example: Cell 3.2 identifies Row 3 Column 2.

The words are: after, amble, beard, broth, build, daisy, gleam, graph, humor, imbue, marsh, peony, prism, prude, rebut, rouge, shard, slave, slept, study, surge, truck, wench, xylem, young.

One letter of each word is provided in the grid.
Row 1: r t m i u
Row 2: d e b l m
Row 3: a c s a r
Row 4: i y l n g
Row 5: h o a c p

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