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Two Cops, a Thief

Submitted By:Deckstatus
Fun:*** (2.31)
Difficulty:* (0.66)

Three people met at a corner of a street. They all are dressed like cops, so they don't know who's the thief (bad guy). The cops will tell the truth (because they are good), and the thief will tell the truth too to make himself appear like a good cop. They are A, B and C. And they say this:

A:"C's not the thief."
B:"One of you both is the thief!"
C:"I'm not the thief."

Using this information, find out who the thief is.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by antlerlady06/24/10
Oh no! This kind makes my brain hurt! :(

Posted by beyonce12306/24/10
a little bit too really really really easy. I don't mean to be rude but this is kinda so easy that it really doesn't have a point. It might be better if the theif lied. Also what weird kind of thief tells the truth? Nice try though. Sorry if I seemed rude and negative and mean but I am just trying to tell it like it is. Sorry Your Friend (or somebody you've never heard of) , beyonce123

Posted by M210106/24/10
Okay so there were 3 people and you can't tell which one was the bad guy. :-? And I got it!!!! :D :D :) 8) :lol: It was A not C. :lol:

Posted by Starriddler06/24/10
I think it is way too easy. If you make any more, make them a little bit harder.

Posted by M210106/27/10
Oh shut up Starriddler!!! I want an easier ONE!!!!!!!!! This IS OK!!!! :D :P

Posted by dani4w45t07/24/10
I have to agree with everyone else- this was WAY too easy. Also, you never actually asked a question. Since I've done these kinds of teasers before, I knew it was implicitly- who's the thief? But for someone for whom this is new, you might want to explicitly state the challenge. Nice try though :0)

Posted by Thekid406/20/11
this is easy but fun :)

Posted by JasonD01/31/12
I liked the riddle. However, I rather thought it should say "They all are dressed like cops, so YOU don't know who's the thief." If THEY don't know who the thief is, a very different type of riddle is implied and the clues don't make sense.


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