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The Lost Spaceship

Submitted By:srigimi3
Fun:** (1.52)
Difficulty:* (0.23)

Galaxy Detective Superstar was on a case. A spaceship was lost. Her partner, Galaxy Junior Detective Brightstar, gave her a piece of paper.
This was the location of the spaceship! This is what the slip had scribbled on it:
Juice, Umbrella, Potato, Ice, Tomato, Elephant, Rice.
Where is the spaceship?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by antlerlady07/02/10
Way too easy. Bring the kids. Finally one I can do in a jif!

Posted by Mitty4407/03/10
That was funny. I thought you were CRAZY for a second. And that was easy. :lol:

Posted by beyonce12307/03/10
But the hint tells you the answer.

Posted by dalfamnest07/03/10
OK, so it's easy. This is a family site and there's gotta be stuff for the kids - and you rocket scientists, too. Let's not knock something just because it's easy. Apart from the hint giving it away, this is quite fun. :D

Posted by srigimi307/05/10
Thanks everybody for the ROCKin' posts!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :) :)

Posted by azbycx07/07/10
That may have been easy but I liked it! I finally found one that I know the answer right away! Better than never knowing it and getting bored. :wink:

Posted by azbycx07/07/10
That may have been easy but I liked it! I finally found one that I know the answer right away! Better than never knowing it and getting bored. :wink:

Posted by cutieluck07/09/10
aww u shouldnt have put a hint there it totally gave away the answer. ;)

Posted by Jake1007/13/10
Piece o' pie! :D

Posted by srigimi307/15/10
@ Jake GOOD ONE!!!! :LOL: @ everbody else Thanks for the comments! :)

Posted by logicgenius07/23/10
Congratulations on the easiest teaser on this website, literraly.

Posted by Wendifly07/26/10
Thanks for a teaser that is easy enough for me to send to my Grandma! :roll:

Posted by srigimi307/26/10
@ logicgenius Thanks! @ wendi AWWWW

Posted by Mathgeek00707/31/10
:evil: :x :cry: :( :-? :o :) 8) :D :lol: LAUGH!

Posted by unklemyke08/16/10
What? How does Junior know this? :-? Why is this in the "Mystery" category? :-? What the heck have the moderators or editors or whoever's in charge been doing instead of their jobs???? :roll: This is maybe a "Trick" teaser, more likely an "Other" teaser, but there is NO "Mystery" here! :evil: Well, actually, there is the mystery of how this teaser got admitted to this category - Will someone please wake the editors? :roll:

Posted by precious102608/28/10
I didn't get it. Always looking in the wrong places for logic and intel. :roll:

Posted by JQPublic09/21/10
Agree that this isn't mystery... but it's super easy and super easy teasers make you feel clever. :)

Posted by Camillee10/03/10
:lol: 8) :-? :P :roll:

Posted by wickywoo11/29/10
very easy, you really didn't need the hint

Posted by Radd_stuff12/01/10

Posted by BrainBoggler12/11/10
You Would've made it a lot harder by removing the hint!! 8)

Posted by thebrain78912/28/10
It's waaaaayyyyy too easy! :-?

Posted by MagicPurple02/27/11
Cute but easy.

Posted by princess200703/14/11
I agree with unklemyke. :D

Posted by Jeppydog03/21/11
Great puzzle for youngsters.

Posted by cf979706/25/11
do you know how easy the hint was? J U P I T E R duh

Posted by yangjun07/13/11
Really simple but still quite fun :)

Posted by nickmannawar07/31/11
if i dont need the hint i consider it to be too easy XD if there was somewhere that u submitted ur answers this would be my joke answer... "after looking at the hint i have concluded that the spaceship is on... MARS" XD

Posted by Bajanator08/11/11
I started laughing like crazy after reading this. SOOOOOOOO SUPER DUPER EASY. :lol: :D :)

Posted by BookwormAnG08/30/11
The hint was basically the answer button.

Posted by Chura11/12/11
Nice one , trust me

Posted by Benjiboo11/20/11
the hint gave it away for EVERYONE! TAKE AWAY THE HINT! although it didnt give it away for ME! :) i did it without even PRESSING the hint :D *gets happier every sentence*

Posted by aishali2212/14/11
The hint gave it away but it was still fun :D

Posted by Candi706/22/12
There are two "show answer" buttons, except one is labeled "show hint"!

Posted by SkSuper06/28/12
:wink: :D :) :lol:

Posted by Quocalimar11/06/12
you automaticaly had a 1/9 chance, unless ofcourse this was made AFTER Pluto was just outed for being a dwarf planet, then you had a 1/8 chance. But I didn't need any of that or the freebie in the hint, I saw random words and took the 1st letter from jumpstreet.

Posted by Cizzy_Berry12/04/12
Good but too easy. Got it straight away without the hint, which gave it away anyway.

Posted by Rileyd02/24/13
Easy good teaser:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:

Posted by AwwwSweet06/13/13
Cute, but definitely wrong category.

Posted by SaraGrace08/01/13
I thought the location was the market, but the hint gave it away

Posted by ultimatecub03/23/15
This is very easy and perhaps fits in a different category, but I won't make rude comments.

Posted by LanceAlot09/20/15
Its not jupiter, actually if you look closely... Potato= french fry Tomato=ketchup Juice+ice=drink Umbrella=table outside Elephants & rice= asia The location is an patio table at a restaurant somewhere in asia. :D :D :D

Posted by SavannahJ05/23/16
First off, way too easy to even be called a riddle. Second of all, makes no sense. How did her partner discover where the ship was? And if she knew, why didn't she just write down "Jupiter"? Or just *say* it, for that matter?

Posted by Kaydeman05/20/17
:lol: :evil: :good: :o

Posted by Kaydeman05/20/17
:lol: :evil: :/ :) :o :o :roll: :oops: :P :P


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