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White or Blue

Submitted By:4wheels
Fun:*** (2.6)
Difficulty:* (0.6)

I am white, grey, blue as well
sometimes I'm wispy and others I swell
with drops of vapor from the air
When driving through me give great care.
Many shapes in me you'll see up high,
but down below they're more difficult to spy
I can ruin a day or a ball game
bring tornadoes and rain.
I swiftly cover up the light
and rumbles within can cause great fright.

What am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by shlee07/19/10
great riddle :D very easy too 8)

Posted by cutieluck07/19/10
lol XD toooo easy

Posted by chastain10107/27/10
i answered a storm :oops:

Posted by 4wheels07/27/10
I hope you like this riddle.

Posted by DemonLord807/28/10
Easy riddle, but it was a good one. :D

Posted by Stack160709/02/10
easy and nice :D

Posted by JQPublic10/20/10
easy but... game and rain don't rhyme :evil:

Posted by precious102611/05/10
Ever Blue, Never Blue. Up against my sheer White billowy cotton tail, I often leave white gusts and trails. Cause clout, leaving doubt, mixing curds, but never whey. A day filled with white bouncy clouds, can cause YOU to loose your Say... White is always the way, but Blue is never a cloudy day... :evil:

Posted by precious102611/05/10
:lol: :roll:

Posted by Nerine01/06/11
Fun to read but very easy :)


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