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My Name is and I Have Moved From

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4 kids enter a classroom in Texas.
They each have moved from a state.
The kids names are Allie, David, Gina, and Jake.
Their last names are Forrester, Logan, Morgan, and Miller.
They have moved from Nevada, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

These are the clues.
1. David is not from Arizona.
2. The kid who has the last name Forrester is from North Dakota.
3. Allie's last name is Miller.
4. Gina's last name is NOT Logan and she is from Wisconsin.
5. Jake's last name is NOT Morgan and he is NOT from North Dakota.
6. The kid with the last name Morgan is from Wisconsin.
7. The kid who's moved from Arizona last name is Miller.
8. Jake is from Nevada but his last name is NOT Forrester.

What are their whole names and where did they move from?

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