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Diary Thief

Submitted By:alexaehrin
Fun:**** (3.35)
Difficulty:** (1.93)

The Scoop
Tristan's sister Angela and her four friends love to share their most recent diary entries with each other at sleepovers. This last sleepover, Tristan was able to snag each of the girls' diaries after they fell asleep. He flipped through them and found that each girl had a different crush, a different favorite shade of nail polish, and a different preference in ice cream flavors - and each of them had a big, juicy secret! See if you can figure out what he learned about each of his sister's friends - and his sister.

The Choices
Girls: Angela, Mandy, Savannah, Alyssa, and Lily
Crushes: Josh, Noah, Luke, Ben, and Sam
Nail Polish Shades: Lavender, Lime, Banana, Sky, and Crimson
Ice Cream Flavors: Rocky Road, Rainbow Sherbet, Cookie Dough, Reese's Peanut Butter, and Raspberry Cheesecake
Juicy Secrets: Still sleeps with a blankie, Loves lima beans, Hates Justin Bieber, Is really into cars, and Wants to be a lunch lady

The Clues
Tristan read five different entries for January 7th. One said, "Noah said, 'Nice hair, Savannah,' and I felt special." Another said, "My nails are purple again, just like I like them." A third said, "I wish Luke would look at me." The fourth said, "I lost my beloved blankie this morning." The last said, "I'm dying for some more of that rainbow sherbet."

"January 8th. Dear Diary, I accidentally chipped one of my perfect, lime-green nails today while doing my daily private anti-Justin Bieber ritual."

"January 9th. Dear Diary, Josh caught me examining his awesome antique Chevrolet after school today. I guess I was kind of hoping he would."

"January 10th. Dear Diary, Angela was writing a love note today. I tried glancing over her shoulder, but all I caught was the second letter of its recipient's name, which looked like either a U or an A, and something about being a lunch lady before she yanked it away."

"January 11th. Dear Diary, I hope Sam likes the color red...I also hope he doesn't mind girls who still sleep with blankies..."

"January 12th. Dear Diary, I think it's funny that both me and Savannah like nail polishes that are named after fruits. Love, Alyssa."

"January 13th. Dear Diary, I saw Sam eating Reese's Peanut Butter ice cream yesterday. Could this be a sign that we're meant to be? Love, Mandy."

"January 14th. Dear Diary, I just noticed that the name of my favorite shade of nail polish has something majorly in common with my name, and Alyssa's favorite shade starts with the same letter as her crush's name."

"January 15th. Dear Diary, The girls were over at my house last night, and someone flicked cookie dough ice cream at me. It couldn't have been Angela, who will only eat raspberry cheesecake ice cream, and Savannah was in the bathroom..."


"Lily" and "Lavender" are both flowers, which gives them "something majorly in common."

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by chandler77303/04/11
Great teaser! Thanks for sharing :) I got everything right except for Savannah & Lily's nail polish colors. I thought for sure that 'something majorly in common with my name' was Savannah & banana, but that didn't make sense 'cuz I knew Alyssa's favorite color was lime and she couldn't be with Luke. My bad! I never did figure out what the commonality was. It was fun and creative, though! Thanks again.

Posted by princess200703/04/11
Yay! i got it pretty quick! but really that grid thing makes it easy. trying to do it on paper takes forever.

Posted by wiser_now03/05/11
Good premise, I liked how clues were revealed. Not too difficult either!

Posted by braindeadmommia03/05/11
Great teaser! I loved how the clues were presented. Very clever. :)

Posted by alexaehrin03/06/11
thanks, guys! so glad you liked it!

Posted by mocha61303/08/11
Chandler, the commonality is Lily and Lavender, I think. You didn't need to know that to solve the puzzle, though, but it was nice confirmation. Great puzzle! You made us work for it! :D

Posted by alexaehrin03/08/11
the "lily" and "lavender" connection was in the hint, too.

Posted by kittygirl1903/23/11
Does Angela love Lucas Cruikshank? :wink: :wink: :roll: :roll: :o :o

Posted by geekymeek03/29/11

Posted by J-Five04/01/11
I miss read the the title I thought it said "Dairy Theft" but it is still good one.

Posted by aliceedwards04/01/11
Very interesting :D Alice

Posted by june1204/08/11
fun fun and more fun :D

Posted by alexaehrin04/08/11
kittygirl19: actually, Lucas IS based off a real-life dude ... but I won't tell you who he is!

Posted by kittygirl1904/23/11
princess2007 should be Savannah and Princess and Kitty will fight! Princess Kitty vs. (((;) {^ ..^}

Posted by browneyes7905/02/11
Challenging and fun! Loved it! :D

Posted by Mitty4405/20/11
That was REALLY fun. Took me 45 minutes to figure it out.

Posted by trewq06/21/11
really easy, but fun. I can see how rocky road and cookie dough might get mixed up--since cookie dough ice cream was thrown, it might make sense to suspect the person who likes it which would have been Savannah. Since the clue also mentioned Angela, it was still fairly apparent that Savannah was not in fact the one who liked cookie dough. Overall, nice idea :)

Posted by kittygirl1907/11/11
Ill gnaw Savana's face off!

Posted by royale-ninja07/22/12
i used pen and paper and got them all right...and lily's favourite was lavender could be found earlier than knowin the fact dat their names had somethin in common :)

Posted by Panda14702/13/14
Wait- its a secret to hate Justin Bieber?

Posted by LanceAlot10/05/15
Lol the secrets these girls have. Sooo scandalous :lol:

Posted by Kelly_S09/07/16
This doesn't affect the results but in clue 15, wouldn't the person writing it be Angela? I thought the sleepover was at her house and that is how her brother got the diaries.

Posted by danielj207/06/17
This was a lot of fun to do! Great job in putting it together! :D

Posted by Ai_Okuda12/10/17


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