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Monkey Business

Submitted By:canse912
Fun:*** (2.82)
Difficulty:**** (3.11)

The Catterville Zoo has a very unique main attraction: Performing Monkeys! Ellie, Gill, Sasha and Tommy have all been taught by their handler (who are all, strangely, also called Ellie, Gill, Sasha and Tommy) to perform a trick (handstand, trapeze tricks, juggling or breakdancing) to receive their favourite snack (honey, bananas, melon and mango). Discover each monkey's handler, the trick it can do, and its favourite snack.

1.) No monkey has the same name as their handler.

2.) Ellie the handler didn't teach any monkey to do a handstand.

3.) The monkey that likes mangoes has the same name as the handler who taught a monkey to juggle.

4.) A handler taught either Ellie or Sasha to do trapeze tricks.

5.) The monkey that likes bananas, whose handler isn't Tommy, has the same name as Tommy the Monkey's handler.

6.) Gill likes melons and his handler is a woman.

7.) Gill the handler taught a monkey to breakdance.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Mom2Ozzy05/07/11
Whew! :-? :roll: That was a hard one! I love when you are REQUIRED to apply logic to solve the puzzle, instead of the grid just solving its self.

Posted by mrsfessler05/21/11
Very good puzzle! Really have to think to solve it! I enjoyed it immensely!

Posted by dreamlvr143206/13/11
Great puzzle. Actually had to try different options and use my brain to solve it. :wink:

Posted by trewq06/21/11
Awesome! I had to guess and check a little--used those number boxes for the first time--but that was a good test of logic too. I'm sure there was a way to do it without guess and check but after a certain point I couldn't get any more certainties from the clues. Wonderful job

Posted by mamachew07/04/11
The only way I could solve this was to make an assumption in clue #4. I eliminated Ellie and Sasha as handlers who taught the trapeze trick, making Tommy the only possibility. That's a pretty big assumption, though, to eliminate them both, just because ONE of the monkeys with the same name was taught the trapeze trick. Other than that, I thought it was a good, challenging puzzle.

Posted by lesliep7287509/26/11
Finally did it, with a lot of thinking & re-reading of many clues. Nice job :)

Posted by braindeadmommia10/08/11
Finally!!!! Yay! Good challenge.

Posted by PYTHON12/06/11
A really good puzzle that required a bit of thought and a couple of grid restarts!

Posted by roseyb7512/26/11
Really Tough! 8)

Posted by Obilio11/09/12
Toughest puzzle I've run into yet! I restarted the grid about 7 times. This was a VERY challenging puzzle, Thanks for writing it, I bet you would whoop my butt in a chess match every time. :)

Posted by spikethru406/28/13
Took a while but the light bulb came on eventually. It can be solved without guesswork or assumption, but the vital clues are very well hidden. Fiend! :evil:

Posted by mom_rox04/06/14
Very nice puzzle! I did not have to make any assumptions. Essentially I solved it by going through the clues, then using logic to eliminate some of the possibilities. Then I reread the clues to fill in the remaining spaces in the grid. (My pet peeve on this site are logic-grid puzzles which require trial and error solutions.) for clue #4: Going through the clues, you know that Ellie (m) and Sasha (m) breakdance and trapeze, in some order, and Tommy (h) taught either Ellie (m) or Sasha (m). Since Gill (h) taught breakdancing, Tommy (h) taught trapeze.

Posted by LanceAlot09/24/15
5 out of 5 for the puzzle. One of my favorites so far!


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