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Submitted By:coolcat101202
Fun:*** (2.29)
Difficulty:* (0.24)

Three girls all got dates on the same day. From their texts, can you figure out which girl went with which guy and where they went on their dates.

Names - Sarah, Natalie, Charlotte
Dates - Nick, Matt, Ben
Places - park, movie, dinner

Can't believe how cold it is and the grass is all wet, yuck. It's okay though, Matt gave me his coat, I think he really likes me.

Hey guys, hope you're having a better time than I am. Ben is such a bore, I don't think I'll be doing this again. xoxoxo love, Sarah oxoxox

Wow, this movie is fantastic and he's just as into it as I am. I don't think it'd ever be as fun with a geek like Matt (no offence). I don't ever want this to end. Good luck on your dates, love Natalie


Charlotte had a fabulous time on her date with Matt, even if she did get a bit wet sitting on the grass at the park.

Sarah and Ben didn't really get on, but the dinner was good none the less.

Natalie loved the movie and it was even better having Nick to hold on to at the scary parts.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by SRB_180708/12/11

Posted by coolcat10120208/12/11
Hehe, i wouldn't know and thanks :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by BeckyJane08/18/11
very good teaser :) I'd rather go to the park when it's sunny ;)

Posted by coolcat10120208/18/11
I don't think she really had much of a choice, and would you turn down a date with the guy of your dreams just because it was raining

Posted by caberet09/12/11
Using texts was a clever twist. :D

Posted by rainswings09/16/11
two of the texts have the same guy in them...?

Posted by Oldcustard11/01/11
Excellent, fun and easy!

Posted by PYTHON12/18/11
Shouldn't the last clue say Nick and not Matt?

Posted by coolcat10120212/18/11
Noo because shes saying thats better with nick than it would have been with Matt

Posted by dreamlvr143204/29/12
Pretty easy but fun. I liked the idea of using texts as clues. :D

Posted by Ginnyrox08/28/12
I'm not a supersmart person... So this was pretty gr8!!! I like how you used texts as clues!! 📱

Posted by Terrible10/25/12
This was pretty easy but good. I think if it wasnt for the last clue i might have been lost.

Posted by M-bug711/14/12
Love how you used texts as clues :D

Posted by Thekid401/13/13
There are two things I like about this teaser 1. It's a good teaser 2. It says minus easy, yet it is ranked as the easiest teaser on this site.

Posted by eighsse08/11/13
Verrrry simple...kind of goes against the idea of a logic-grid puzzle. It just gives the answers in each clue. Normally it works by elimination, but this one uses straight-up nomination for most of the answers. The text clues was clever though.

Posted by LogicalRoger05/21/14
It was an easy one, but I thought it was great how it was planned and written. I loved how each clue had one girl give her opinion at a time. It's quite different than usual logic-grids. And even though the clues were easy, I didn't see much overuse of clues. Each seemed to fit like a puzzle piece. Good job!

Posted by Knightingale07/15/14
I think this is a great logic grid for starters. Besides, the third clue might still be fun if you read it the wrong way :P

Posted by trewq09/05/14
I love the clue set up!! very original. and it's good to have some easy logic grids, in my opinion :)

Posted by ghostwolf146812/19/14
good one :)

Posted by Hello2601/27/15
Thekid4: Ditto that. Good job and loved the text messages as clues! Just was texting my friend about her twin brother and my best friend's relationship. I clicked on it and was like, " :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: "

Posted by LanceAlot09/29/15


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