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Soccer Match

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A soccer team played six matches, out of which they won two, drew two and lost two. During these matches the team scored three goals and conceded two goals.
What were the results of all six matches?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by jordy5602/07/12
I was thinking: Won: 1-0, 1-0 Lost: 0-1, 0-1 Drew: 1-1, 0-0 Good teaser though.

Posted by jordy5602/07/12
Nevermind I reread the teaser and only 2 goals were conceded not 3.

Posted by ameyer802/10/12
Pretty easy. Took just a couple minutes.

Posted by D_Dragon02/19/12
A very interesting teaser ! It was funny

Posted by D_Dragon02/19/12
But Soccer is stupid as a sport.

Posted by D_Dragon02/19/12
But Soccer is stupid as a sport.

Posted by SRB_180702/27/12
What is soccer is football .... BTW easy but good teaser....

Posted by zembobo03/09/12
My answer was slighly different: W: 1-0 : 1-0 D: 0-0 : 0-0 L: 1-2 : Forfeit When you realize that a forfeit is a loss, it opens up all sorts of possible answers.

Posted by manofwords04/03/12
this was quite easy

Posted by spikethru411/28/12
zembobo, it does say they PLAYED six matches, so there was no forfeit.

Posted by Cizzy_Berry12/06/12
Wow! i like it but I first looked at it and cried. These are the sort of questions they give me on my Math exams -minus the probability of how much they score on their next game.


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