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Tick Tock Bad Clock

Submitted By:firefox99
Fun:*** (2.7)
Difficulty:** (1.95)

Your friend gave you a clock for your birthday, but unfortunately, it's very unreliable. This one gains exactly 12 minutes every hour.

It is now showing 10pm and you know that it was correct at midnight, when you set it.

If the clock stopped four hours ago, what is the correct time now?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Babe04/25/12
No comments eh? No wonder, people do not want to go back to school! This is supposed to be a fun quiz, not school work. Enough already!!!

Posted by thedavincigame04/25/12
For those looking for a non-mathematical number riddle instead of a complex one: What number's cone alone flour - call ??

Posted by HABS293304/25/12
While I don't care for the math based teasers, I know that there are a lot of people who do (otherwise they would not have it as a category). Many people like the "school work" teasers as there are also literature and science type teasers as well. IT was however refreshing to see a brand new teaser (less than a month old) as teaser of the day, much more enjoyable than seeing a teaser that is 5+ years old, the author of which has not even been on the site for almost as long.

Posted by elentir04/25/12
I like these teasers! Although, I think this qualifies more as a Math category than Logic. :)

Posted by elentir04/25/12
@thedavincigame - four

Posted by elentir04/25/12
I meant one one four - or 114 :oops:

Posted by bradon18200104/25/12
Math, definitely not my favorite but this was fun to work out. Good job.

Posted by charlottes-odd04/25/12
This reminded me of being back in school haha :D good puzzle though me likes :lol: however... the clock in the riddle lies :cry:

Posted by tripleteam504/25/12
seems wrong. If clock SAYS 10pm that is when it stopped and you add time lost to that It would seem :cry: :roll: 8)

Posted by luluw504/25/12
I hate the math teasers! i don't wanna b learnin math!!! :cry:

Posted by dimaspace06/30/12
Wrong answer! 22 fake hours give us 12"22 equals 264 fake minutes - 4 hours and 24 min So it was 22-4.24 equals 17.36 And plus 4 hours - 21.36 for now or 9.36 pm NOT 10.20 pm Author multiplies 22 by 60 - wrong, he should multiply it by 72

Posted by SRB_180707/20/12
the answer is 9:36 p.m ... Author's answer is wrong ...

Posted by Chura07/08/13
dont really understand th equestion

Posted by spikethru407/09/13
dimaspace, the 22 fake hours already includes all the fake minutes. After one hour has passed from midnight, the clock shows 1:12. If F is the fake time in hours and R the real time in hours, then F = R * (1 + 12/60). When the clock stopped, the fake time was 22:00, so at that point, R = 22 / 1.2 = 18.33, or 6:20pm. Four hours later, the real time is 10:20pm, as stated.

Posted by spikethru407/09/13
Poxy emoticons. That should be 22 : 00 above.


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