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Submitted By:Panther91
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Angela made a bet with her friend Alex. The bet was that Angela would win $50 if she could say the alphabet in reverse within 5 seconds. If not, Alex would win $50. Angela walked away fifty bucks richer. How did she do it?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by RRAMMOHAN10/18/12
Quite a clever one!

Posted by ThinksForFun10/18/12
Or why not Angela says, "the alphabet in reverse"?

Posted by Marple10/19/12
Very easy but fun :) It's like when Dave says to Dan "Say goodnight, Dan" so Dan says "Goodnight Dan" :lol:

Posted by abbylee12310/19/12
thats cool... i thought that angela would say the alphabet backwards!! :roll: :lol: :oops:

Posted by annie969810/19/12
I agree with thinksforfun... say "the alphabet in reverse within 5 seconds"

Posted by Zag2410/20/12
Or, she could just do what was implied. I just checked, I can say, "zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba" (saying the name of each letter) in a smidge under 4 seconds. It actually flows better backwards than forwards: tee-essarcupeeohenem is easier than emenohpeecue-are-esstee, for instance.

Posted by boodler10/23/12
I agree; "the alphabet in reverse" or "alphabet the". Prefer the first. :D

Posted by 30angel10011/08/12
Too easy. :roll:

Posted by HABS293312/09/12
I too thought that she just actually recited the alphabet backwards. I (along with many other ppl I know who also have East Coast roots) learned the alphabet backwards as children. In fact most of us knew it backwards months before we knew it forward. I can still recite it faster in reverse than I can in the "proper order"

Posted by Quocalimar01/09/13
Nice one, not too easy like one guy said, it's just for the simpler side of braingle.

Posted by ThePurpleTurtle02/09/13
Great teaser!! I thought the answer was thaat she said "The alphabet in reverse", but it's still gre

Posted by Candi703/28/13
I agree with ThinksForFun

Posted by bunnymother06/20/13
The answer could also be "the alphabet in reverse".

Posted by eighsse07/28/13
Or, she could even just say "teb-uh-fla uth." "Fla" being pronounced like "flag" without the -g, and "uth" being pronounced as "other" without the -er. That would more accurately be "reverse."

Posted by SaraGrace07/30/13
I lol about this one :) :lol:

Posted by sciencesteven04/15/14
She could've said "The alphabet in reverse."

Posted by ismartguy05/12/14
Am i he only one who noticed that in the teaser it says: " if not,she will get 50$"????

Posted by ismartguy05/12/14


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