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Submitted By:im_para_noid
Fun:*** (2.63)
Difficulty:*** (3.07)

What animal comes next in this sequence:


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by einat1606/28/02
I could NEVER guess that.

Posted by AlliePotter07/02/02

Posted by george197807/16/02
ok ok ok people every one is entitled to make a mistake, like you have never made one before. that was a pretty good teaser, i got it right but i was thinking in size comparison as well as similar life styles of the animals. ie a mole lives under ground and a badger can live on the water.

Posted by george197807/18/02
sk8babe i am on a lot of morphine very much so for having brain surgery due to a ceribrial anurism. and yes a badger can live on the water front i forgot to type in front before sorry.

Posted by missie07/24/02
HurriFend, live life to the fullest and while you're at it make typos.

Posted by SkEwL_gUrl07/26/02
I saw this one on another site

Posted by RHPSRuLeS07/30/02
It's pretty good.

Posted by Skellum08/12/02
I also saw it at another site, otherwise I also would never have solved it.

Posted by bmotts08/14/02
this is a bit pulled by the hair.. I don't think the correlation between animals and number of letters in a month is really pertinent. guess that's a good mind effort.

Posted by dsquared08/14/02
Good one, very clever, liked it.

Posted by bmotts08/15/02
Still, if there's one bad gorilla teaser, I haven't heard it!!

Posted by Spencer08/16/02
I actually got it!

Posted by majd08/18/02
Sorry but I did not find it amusing!

Posted by Bigsurf1810/10/02
wow... that is the hardest one i have read, that i understand ;-)

Posted by speedyg100001/05/03
first of all, all of those people that say you found it on another site, you don't need to say it more than once, and as if it's a dismissive thing. Not everyone makes up their own riddles. and majd, u r confused.

Posted by KhRiSsY01/26/03
Ahhh darn, good one... but I was to lazy to count! God I love that show answer button! It makes everything make sence! :D

Posted by pretty_ponyz04/05/04
the answer was supposed to be pony! who was the person who came up with badger for an answer? i love ponys.

Posted by ansh9309/24/04
January got 7 letters...

Posted by TheEarthling12/30/05
I never would have thought of that. :o


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