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Four Empty Boxes?

Submitted By:selpy123
Fun:** (1.87)
Difficulty:* (0.46)

I have 5 apples in a box and 4 other empty boxes. How many items do I have?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Wolf1403/09/14
I thought that one would be difficult

Posted by LogicalMath12304/17/14
Actually it's fourteen(14). 5apple+5box+4emptybox=5+5+4=14

Posted by spikethru404/29/14
Er, no... "5 apples in A box" = 5 apples + 1 box. Your logic and your math is faulty, LogicMath!

Posted by ismartguy05/12/14
Spike thru, hes actually right... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by ghostwolf146812/11/14
Dont have to all caps count everything :-?

Posted by XtinaF08/07/15
LogicalMath123 and spikethru4 - I undertsand both your points, it mainly depends on the wording of the question to determine the correct answer, if you have "5 apples in a box" that would mean you have 6items altogether so the answer would be correct that with the 4 empty boxes added on, you have 10 items however if you have 5 "apples in a box" then that would mean each apple is in a box of it's own which means you have 10 items, plus the other 4 empty boxes making 14 items in total. The question is written correctly for the answer it gives however for this category being trick, a little play on words would have been better for the answer to result in 14 items :wink:

Posted by TheRiddleTroll12/10/16
This isn't a trick. This should be in the math section.

Posted by vkabdwal02/08/17
I think items are 2 only: apple and box. Each item's 5 units are there.


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