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Submitted By:glennyboy02
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Can you decipher this common phrase:


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by jon14pople07/10/02
Too easy!

Posted by something11/18/02
actually, in it's current state, it is over over the moon or over on the moon.

Posted by krishnan06/09/03
The rebus should have been moon the

Posted by knbrain12/24/04
makes no sense-the answer should be "over over moon"

Posted by krabcat02/14/05
iv never heard of just over the moon by its self maybe if it was like cow moon it would still be aesy but it would mak sence

Posted by bhssoccer2306/17/05
I'm sorta wondering how that got submitted, but good attempt! :-?

Posted by teen_wiz02/05/06
Very, very easy. Good try though!

Posted by solarsistim32102/11/06
This is the least popular out of all the teasers, i checked. But i like this TYPE of teaser

Posted by achnid07/16/06
this teaser actualy violates the teaser sumition rules in all that it uses is the thing 1 thing 2 to stand for over

Posted by seanlandrews07/28/06
Poorly constructed.

Posted by student_driver110/08/06
wait a that even a brain teaser???? jk that was a good try...i like the category anyways...

Posted by Muzozavr11/26/06
The answer is illogical, however, it's the first thing which strikes the head. Anyways, very easy and too dull.

Posted by teasermaster12/19/06
I'm sorry, but I really didn't like this teaser. It was worded poorly, and someone should get around to correcting it, because I don't know how to do it. I've heard a lot better ones, to put it lightly. :oops:

Posted by Battery03/01/07
shouldnt it be moon the :-?

Posted by HarryPutter05/30/07
this actually says over over the moon. lol :lol: not so good

Posted by _brynn06/07/07
battery's verison would have been better. it was way to easy :-? better luck next time

Posted by King_of_Smart07/14/07
Quite boring. I've seen much harder ones. No offense. I think you should make another one, only even harder. :wink:

Posted by calmsavior08/27/07
If you look carefully, you can actually see the "the" in between the Over and Moon. :wink:

Posted by tricky77puzzle11/03/07
I thought it was "double over the moon", or "over over the moon".

Posted by harrypotter444403/10/08
I liked this teaser a lot and voted it the top rating.Good job!

Posted by Rebus09/30/08
Definitely worded incorrectly. Agree w/ others that better rebus would be: Moon The I'll keep searching for your better work.

Posted by Shadows12/07/08
Harrypotter4444, you're in the minority, let's just say. I hated it. It is STILL the least popular teaser on the site. That tells you something about it, doesn't it...?

Posted by bradon18200106/20/09
Very, very easy. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by mathisnice02/27/10
Not exactly a rebus teaser. I agree with those above me that it should be changed. Nice try, but please put a bit more work into your teasers.

Posted by beyonce12305/29/10
that's over over the moon. also "over the moon" is not a common phrase. it should be like this: man moon that way it is man over the moon

Posted by beyonce12306/15/10
Imeant man moon

Posted by beyonce12306/15/10
stupid formating

Posted by ultimatecub05/13/15
It should really be "over over the moon"


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