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Submitted By:badbrian08
Fun:*** (2.95)
Difficulty:*** (2.67)

1. I am always excited
2. I tell people where things are at
3. You can play a game on me
4. I'm very rich
5. I give percentages
6. I am always looking up
7. And.........
8. I look like a light in the sky
9. I keep things arranged that are to my right
10. I keep things arranged that are to my left
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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Piffle07/09/02
Very good! Clever. But how do you play a game on the # sign? Other than that, I thought it was great.

Posted by Bobbrt07/10/02
The # sign looks like a tic-tac-toe game.

Posted by Jasin07/10/02
Not bad at all but I think that the #3 should have been given a better hint.

Posted by andy160807/11/02
my No.3 has the £ sign above it. I'm depressed, do you mean to say that the UK keyboard has a $ sign, but the US one has no £???

Posted by dsquared07/21/02
Liked it

Posted by chaos08/02/02
That is very clever, took me a while to figure out.

Posted by flynn08/02/02
This is a 9 out of 10! Great puzzle that was weakened by a couple of clues that could have been improved. (e.g. the # sign). But...congrats, I liked it!

Posted by megnsvar08/14/02
WOW!!! Iwould have never guessed that!!! It's really really good idea. It was probably easy to compose but believe me, it's not that easy to figure out!!!!

Posted by megnsvar08/14/02
You know farrell, you really shouldn't say O God... the Bible says you would be better off with an anchor tied around your neck and hands tied behind your back and be thrown into the sea then to say the Lord's name in vain

Posted by megnsvar08/14/02
Everyone says they didnt' get number 3. It was the only one that really made sense to me!!!!

Posted by bmotts08/15/02
If there's one bad keyboard teaser, I haven't heard it!

Posted by doggyxp08/22/02
once i read the answer, i understood the entire puzzle. it all made sense. Nice work.

Posted by einat1608/31/02
really nice teaser

Posted by tissue08/02/03
Brilliant, one of the best I've seen so far.

Posted by jacintan08/02/04
This was great! It never crossed my mind that it could be more than one thing until i saw the end part that said 'what are we' instead of 'what am i', but i couldn't be bothered to think of it then. Anyway, it gave me a good idea for a new teaser. :D

Posted by twixy08/05/04
very creative. :D

Posted by goldmare01/21/05
Wow that was really hard! I was clueless. Although I understood the # clue after reading the answer, it took me a few seconds to get it. Probably could have come up with a clearer hint, but overall very nicely done! :D

Posted by dutchymonster09/03/05
I got the #3 clue but my (UK) keyboard has "£" above #3. But the rest worked fine :D

Posted by sudokulvr09/03/05

Posted by redraptor5010/08/05
This was a great teaser, although I got it wrong, keep them coming :oops: :D

Posted by bballer2110/08/05
this is an awesome teaser!!!!!!!! i don't get why everyone cant get the third one- it makes perfect sense! :-?

Posted by teshka10/08/05
:D pretty GOOOD :D :D

Posted by smarty_blondy10/08/05
Very nice and creative. Keep them coming. :D

Posted by bluehawk10/08/05
now, that was cute :wink: a lot of thought went into this one, 8)

Posted by bluehawk10/08/05
now, that was cute :wink: a lot of thought went into this one, 8)

Posted by OldChinaHand10/08/05
CLEAVER...very cleaver. 8)

Posted by OldChinaHand10/08/05
CLEAVER...very cleaver. 8)

Posted by dede10/08/05
great! @teasing #3was good $priceless 95%liked it i don't think you hit your^ &all well that ends well *i think all in all you hit your mark* (ok cheesy but i tried)

Posted by Angelli10/08/05
Real nice! Good job. :wink:

Posted by kimberlykay10/08/05
nice job....I liked your teaser and it made perfect sense to me :wink:

Posted by formation00710/08/05
i have a different keyboard. On mine shift + 3 is £. some of the other numbers are also different on mine.

Posted by Confooseled10/08/05
zzz-Neat-O-zzz im hungry... imma eat now!! :D

Posted by edgwood10/08/05
pretty cool-pretty cute-keep up the good work.have a blessed day!!

Posted by lindquist_2510/08/05
I don't understand it. Can someone explain that one to me?

Posted by lindquist_2510/08/05
Oh I get it now!!! Yay!!

Posted by lindquist_2510/08/05
Good job, by the way.

Posted by redneck_woman10/08/05
Wow, am I impressed with this one! 8) It is was so obvious once I looked at the answers... :roll: :D

Posted by jabdr10/08/05
Great teaser. Clever...Loved it. :lol:

Posted by Aarghonauts10/08/05
That was great! I liked #3's clue so don't listen to those nay-sayers. There just jealous they didn't think of it!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by thommie10/08/05
HMMMMMMM..........Had me stumped, I thought I had the right answer all along!!!! YAY!!!!!!! :oops: :)

Posted by maximo349110/08/05
wonderful, had no clue whatsoever :oops: great teaser :lol:

Posted by jimmyb10/08/05
Boooooooooooooooring :-?

Posted by jimmyb10/08/05
a bunch of cuss words :lol:

Posted by kpasd10/08/05
THAT IS EASY!!!!! !@#$%^&*() :roll: :P :-? 8) :oops: :wink: :cry: :evil: :D

Posted by kpasd10/08/05
i am kidding it was GREAT!!! and i loved it good job 8) tho it was funny to :lol:

Posted by jbray10/08/05
awesome teaser!! Brilliant, brilliant, brillinat!! To all those who said it was boring or easy....yeah right!! Great job! :wink: :lol: 8)

Posted by paintballa94410/08/05
That was so totally awesome :P :P :P very creative!!!!1 :lol: :lol: :lol: wonderful :D

Posted by Toink-10/08/05
:oops: I have an Olympia and has a dollar sign on top of 3 and a pound sign on top of 4 and an underline on top of 6 and an aposthrophe on topof 8. :cry: But it was a nice one :wink:

Posted by chipmunklover10/08/05
that was sooooooo awsome i loved it, very creative :D :wink: and i would've never thaught of the number sign to be a tic tac toe board! :D

Posted by PCDguitar10/08/05
bery good

Posted by spoiled_rotten10/08/05
oh! :wink: :) :D :lol:

Posted by thimblenoggin10/08/05
Seldom is an answer so literaly right before one's eyes. Nice work. :D

Posted by turtlesrock4410/08/05
i dont see how pple didnt get 3 that was the easiest 1

Posted by POPS10/08/05
WOW!!!!!!!!!! Where did you come up with that one :roll: Great teaser,Great JOB :wink:

Posted by precious102610/08/05
:roll: :( I liked the teaser very much, but for my own edification, the number four, I am always rich is not quite true. U see ($)1.oo is not Rich. Also, the Exclamation point is not always excited. You can exclaim in Anger, or Annoyance. At any rate, this is what a teaser should be. All in all if 5ive persons answered correctly, then their truly intel. Parentheses keep it alltogether, must have two(too).

Posted by johnnydeppfan10/08/05
I love it!!!! :D :D :D Def. on my favorites list.

Posted by prettygurl10/08/05
:oops: :oops: I had to read the comments to get it :oops: :oops: :lol:

Posted by schatzy22810/09/05
OUTSTANDING!,,the only thing that could make this better was dede's comments :lol: :D 8) ,,,this one definitely goes to my fav list :)

Posted by PENANDINK10/09/05
I give you a 100 on your creativity! :D :D :D Go U

Posted by zigthepig10/09/05
Lol iLOVED it this is going in ym faves!

Posted by WildWildHeart10/10/05
Doesn't work if you're in France! :evil: If you press shift you get the numbers, if you don't press shift you get: &é"'(-è_çà .... Thanks

Posted by cuteandditzy10/10/05
It took me awhile and I still did'nt get it. Alot of fun though. :oops:

Posted by Haylie150610/10/05
odd...but interesting! :)

Posted by boriqua10/11/05
Sweet :P

Posted by Erinath10/12/05
:D Very clever - though it's a shame it doesn't work for everyone (3 for me is a £)

Posted by michelle361710/16/05
I had no idea. That was really good though. By the way, you can be excited and angry at the same time. Excitement just means a lot of emotion.

Posted by miyukina12/21/05
just can always try but will never be able to satisfy everyone everywhere everytime... :wink: anyways, my kb shows me these: !"#$%&'() on 0, there's only hiragana 'wo' on it...

Posted by OldChinaHand10/08/06
A fine teaser doing what a teaser does best, if it got you it got you, if you got it you got can't change it, but you can contribute your own teasers. We're always up for your challenge. Good teser, thanks. 8)

Posted by bobiscool13410/08/06
That was awesome! It took me awhile to get it

Posted by lmurray10/08/06

Posted by Badger10/08/06
I would've, could've, should've... My nose is still sore from the answer biting me on it! :oops: GOOD ONE! :lol: Thanks for submitting. :D

Posted by jr_whiz10/08/06
Maybe u have 2 b a kid to understand that 1! All i know is i understood the whole thing, especially #3. the first thing i thought was "tic tac toe board." Good teaser! :wink:

Posted by Pizzazz2u10/08/06
A fantastic teaser. I taught something close to this one to my sister, 30 years ago! :wink: A good one for kids to figure out, if you can get them in the mood.

Posted by bradon18200110/08/06
This was a tricky teaser. I never in a million years would have figured it out. It did get my mind working, it just didn't work in the right direction. Great job!! :o

Posted by FeaerFactorY66610/08/06
very nice!!

Posted by jabdr10/08/06
A@RG*H&!% Logic? I have no logic. Great teaser _ Makes me want to weep with chagrin at not getting this one. :P 8)

Posted by djtalckerb10/08/06
AWESOME! So entertaining....but I thought it was a tough one! Thanks!

Posted by student_driver110/08/06
u have mad teaser skillz...lolz great teaser tho, i liked it :D

Posted by Tryer10/08/06
Got it after reading everybody's comments... otherwise I was baffled :oops: And my keyboard has a £ as the 3 :lol: otherwise a clever teaser :)

Posted by bluejubba10/08/06
amazing, it was very original and i can;t say i like this type of puzzle but you made it interesting. 10/10

Posted by schmedley910/08/06
That one was pretty good. I like the !@#$%^&*()part. Nice one. Well I'm hungary, I am gonna eat I am gonna eat a sandwich hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Posted by schmedley910/08/06
!@#$%^&*() !@#$%^&*() !@#$%^&*() !@#$%^&*() !@#$%^&*() !@#$%^&*() !@#$%^&*() !@#$%^&*() !@#$%^&*() :D :-? :P :roll: :) 8) :oops: :wink:

Posted by FatHead10/08/06
Not bad. To be honest, though, the hint wasn't very good (sorry) which is disappointing, because I was looking forward to solving it.

Posted by tdbrsun10/08/06
creative, and I was completely stumped until I looked at the answer. Nice going :oops:

Posted by syracuse94510/08/06
o wow, th@ was NYS... awsum job... definitli a fave... :D

Posted by suganue10/08/06
WOW!! Great job. I was stumped. Loved it :D

Posted by willymapo10/08/06
That is SOOOOO unfair.... :-? I actually have a spanish keyboard :o , so keys are: !"#$%&/()= Well, very funny anyways :roll:

Posted by kaakramer10/08/06
Very cute. I didn't get this one though. :-(

Posted by luvdoritos70610/09/06
that was wierd....didnt get it.....but very interestin

Posted by ADSrUS10/09/06

Posted by vlerma10/09/06
:roll: Excellet job, just made me feel extremely stupid tho. Really creative. More please. :)

Posted by drussel310/12/06
Awesome, going on MY FAVORITES.

Posted by Qrystal10/13/06
I cackled when I got this one! Loved the feeling of being stumped for a few minutes, especially about clue #7... "what kind of clue is 'And....'?!" That might've been what did it for me though. :D Good one!

Posted by RRAMMOHAN10/16/06
This is a fantastic, original teaser! The answer is just starting at our face, but many of us (including me, of course), missed it. How creative! Great job! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by dalfamnest10/08/09
Fun - and original. When I saw ten clues, I thought of fingers ... and then the 10 digits ... and took my eyes off my keyboard where the answer lies :roll: , to look at what was above the digits on my calculator!! Should have persevered!! Thanks - this one's a favourite. Clues were all accurate enough to give the answer overall; you can't have one so easy that it gives the whole thing away. Thanks. :P

Posted by doehead10/08/09
It's good if this is the first time you've seen it. I'm a little tired of all the overused repeats. It's time the editors get off their(you know what) and give us some new material!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: If you want to tell me how terrible I am for the above remarks,that's OK. I got big shoulders and a thick skull. 8) 8) 8)

Posted by auntiesis10/08/09
Great teaser, I enjoyed it , probably because I got it so quickly. Just one of those things, easy if you get it, hard if you don't. :D :lol: :D

Posted by FreeSarah10/08/09
That was cute and simple. ;)

Posted by FatHead10/08/09
I figured it out the second time, but not because I remembered it (I think). But doesn't this belong in the Riddle category?

Posted by UptheHill10/08/09
Nice one!!! :P

Posted by patiencewithaP10/08/09
Wouldn't have gotten it in a million years...great teaser! :D

Posted by craniac10/08/09
I guessed it had something to do with the numbers 1 thru 0, but couldn't pin it down. But I'd never seen this teaser before, unlike the riddle wary, misnamed doehead, so it seemed to me very clever.

Posted by avonma10/08/09
I didn't get that...even with the hint. :( It only told me what I already had to do with the numbers. :( I thought the ...and...was dividing the numbers into two sides, but I couldn't make anything out of it. :evil: But, it was SO GOOD! It was hard, but I really liked the teaser! Good job! :D

Posted by TZCastor10/09/09

Posted by Babe10/08/12
I did not like it. Nuff said!

Posted by jaycr10/08/12
Got it.

Posted by cutebug10/08/12
I have to agree with doehead. This one had alot of cobwebs on it. :D :D

Posted by HABS293310/08/12
I also agree with Doehead (and cutebug) this teaser is over 10 years old, and based on the comment dates, it appears that it was used as "Teaser of the Day" on September 3, 2005; AGAIN a month later on October 8, 2005; October 8, 2006; October 8, 2009; and again today October 8, 2012. With the THOUSANDS of teasers on the site is it really necessary to recycle the same one on the same date every few years?

Posted by gaylewolf10/08/12
I agree with Patience with a P - I didn't get it, but I loved it. I MAY have seen it in 2009 - but I'm getting forgetful and don't remember if I've seen these puzzles before. I love the cranky comments - some people just need to vent!! LOL :wink: :) PS Some one noticed and asked me why I always sign off with a "wink" and a "smile" - very observant! One of my favorite songs by Harry Connick Jr - "A Wink and a Smile" !

Posted by iggy3910/08/12
Thought it was a calculator but knew that wasn't right. I didn't get it. I did have fun with it though. :) :) :)

Posted by princess200702/23/13
This just went into my faves! :D I feel so dumb right now! :oops:

Posted by gaylewolf10/08/15
I LOVE this one! Thanks! :wink:

Posted by geneHAG12/07/16
The answer was right @ my fingertips!


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