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Submitted By:RHPSRuLeS
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While riding in the car I saw a license plate that read like this:


What occupation did the man in the car have?


He was an optometrist. The license plate reads like this:

(So it reads I Examine Eyes)

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by tissue08/30/02
Cool. Simple, but fun.

Posted by snaps09/26/02
Very nice! I thought it was fairly straight forward but I liked it.

Posted by flynn09/26/02
Of course! I had: I cross 'em 'n I Z It all made sense until the last letter. I like it!

Posted by kkats409/28/02
It was confusing. I think it was stupid. MN doesn't sound like min. Whatever.

Posted by flipper10/30/02
Good one! I couldn't get past ex-man (hence drag Queen cross dresser etc)

Posted by Chelsie10/06/04
PACHACUTEC: That was the first word out of my mouth! :wink:

Posted by tweets070211/04/05
I actually got this one so i liked it! :D Great job!

Posted by marching_xc11/09/05
But the real question is, how many people screwed up their eyes staring at that license plate trying to figure it out? Nice teaser.

Posted by squishysqueak10/19/07
haha took me a while but i got it! :lol:

Posted by susia10/19/07
I thought it was great. :P

Posted by rameherhard10/19/07
:roll: oops :lol: :lol:

Posted by dstarbird10/19/07
Fun! I figured it out too quickly though...probably because I have an appointment with one tomorrow! :lol:

Posted by bradon18200110/19/07
I knew it had to be something simple like that, but I couldn't quite get it. Pretty good teaser. :o

Posted by 4princesses10/19/07
I didn't get this one! That was a good one though. Had a taken sometime I might have gotten it. Thanks for a fun rebus! I love when a rebus is really a rebus. :lol: :D

Posted by doehead10/19/07
8) EZTZR :lol:

Posted by kwelchans10/19/07
It goes like this: I X M N IZ eye ex em en eyes ( I examine eyes) All the letters are pronounced phonetically except the last 2.

Posted by kwelchans10/19/07
BTW Webster's dictionary defines optometry as the health-care profession concerned especially with examining the eye for defects and faults of refraction, while opthalmology is a branch of medical science dealing with the structure, functions, and diseases of the eye, so optometrist is more accurate than opthalmologist.

Posted by katjojo10/19/07
Don't think so much. It is a cute puzzle. Hard but, cute. :D

Posted by moriarty9410/19/07
Could be an orthopedic doctor. I examine knees

Posted by cheesepie10/19/07
wow i actually got it :) i just thought it was an eye doctor because there weren't any numbers on the plate and he was trying to see if you could read it. maybe i'm just crazy but it worked :-? 8) :oops:

Posted by mi2mo2tx10/19/07
Makes me think of the old Bumper Stumpers game show... Loved it! Keep 'em coming!

Posted by psychdude10/19/07
Ah, Bumper Stumpers. Easy-peasy.

Posted by auntiesis10/19/07
Easy, but fun... :D :P :)

Posted by tommysmo10/19/07
Easy and fun.

Posted by UptheHill10/19/07
Too easy but fun!!

Posted by scallio10/19/07
I thought it was I CROSS MINE EYES! :lol:

Posted by kober10/19/07
Good one. I didn't get. I have an alternate answer: narcoleptic priest. I x M N I Z I cross 'em 'n' I sleep

Posted by kwelchans10/19/07
I like Kober's answer

Posted by dreamlvr143210/19/07
Funny, scalio, I had the same thing for awhile. Then it just hit me.

Posted by dudebomb9310/19/07
my eyes hurt lolz :-?

Posted by guessimtoosmart10/19/07
"Could be an orthopedic doctor. I examine knees" No. It couldn't. :roll:

Posted by Dreamchaser10/19/07
An easy one, but fun too :D

Posted by betaiv10/19/07
haha.. very funny :lol:

Posted by jaydeco10/19/07
Good one! :wink:

Posted by mondayschild5910/19/07
I enjoyed it. It took a while but I got this one right. Thanks so much for the great teaser. Monday~

Posted by emu77alu0210/19/07
I love looking at license plates and try to figure out what they are saying. This was an easy one, but really fun! :lol:

Posted by sevy69410/19/07
nice teaser!!!!!...the other day my dad pointed out a R L TER plate(something like that)...took me too long to figure out that it was REALTOR!!!!! 8)

Posted by Trishgal10/19/07
I said opthamologist :cry: ,but I still give myself some credit 'cause I did know it said I examine eyes :lol: :D Good one :wink:

Posted by sk8teroy10/19/07
Can't figure it out. I thought it was an anagram or an acronym of something. Very good teaser! :lol:

Posted by breathesunshine10/19/07
Quick and easy. 8)

Posted by Madelulabelle10/21/07
Hahaha, good one!

Posted by vlerma10/27/07
In town realtor has CME2SEL, and since I was in the busy of licensing cars I got really good at reading prestiege plates. Good one and cute. :)

Posted by CSIFreke1019011/09/07
I just heard this one on Country 102.5

Posted by patiencewithaP10/19/10
Easy and fun! Good one! :D

Posted by huntchasedown10/19/10
honestly how are we supposed to know what his occupation was. The license plate doesn't always, or rarely ever tell somebodies occupation. But still cool... i guess

Posted by Babe10/19/13
I love figuring out lisence plates. Took a while to get this one, but fun!! :D

Posted by thedavincigame10/19/13
I thought it was web designer, as that's what I do! Read the question carefully: "While riding in the car I saw a license plate that read like this: IXMNIZ What occupation did the man in the car have?" The license plate might have been on the ground or on a motorcycle or anything! The person in the car is ME! (Provided you're a man of course). So the answer is whatever job you do! Or at least, I thought it was a trick question.

Posted by gaylewolf10/19/16
I like figuring out license plates, too, and this was a good one! Thanks for posting! :wink:


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