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You're stuck in a room with really short leprechauns. They are really loud, and very annoying. Bob is 2'5, Barry is 2'2, Brad is 2'5, Bryan is 2'1, and Brittany is 2'1. Who is the tallest?

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Posted by arij09/28/02
I am sorry to say but that was way way way too easy for me

Posted by mad-ade09/29/02
hmmm! lets see, you name 5 leprechauns and enquire which is the tallest, then say "you are" in your answer. The question doesn't ask who is the tallest in the room, it names 5 leprechauns along with their respective heights and ask who is the tallest! You wouldn't write " you are in a room with 4 dogs" then describe each dog individually and ask which has the less hair,and reply "you have" because the question is directed at the dogs descriptions. Same applies here, the question is directed at the leprechauns. If you had said "you are in room with 5 leprechauns of varying stature, who is the tallest" then your answer would apply. It is just badly worded.

Posted by kiwioz910/03/02
I disagree mad-ade, it clearly states you are in the room with some leprachauns, then just happens to describe them - TO PUT YOU OFF BECAUSE IT IS A TRICK TEASER!!!

Posted by watupchicks10/19/02
but im not even 2 feet yet and what is wrong with midgets?

Posted by cliff10/19/02
hey if there was a little person reading this and they were only 2' tall it would not work

Posted by Megan12/14/02
Too Easy!

Posted by Elsae01/18/03
Lol. Very Funny

Posted by smileysteve03/14/03
The teaser never says that you are a normal human. You could very easily be a leprechaun too. Then one of the leprechauns could be taller than you.

Posted by jimbo04/22/03
My great grandfather was less than 2' tall. When he sat on a chair his little legs used to dangle over the edge. He was so short that even when he stood up, his feet still didn't reach the floor.

Posted by tiny_dancer07/21/05
I'm part chinese so i'm going to be not so very tall. (i am over 4 feet though). And i'm also Irish.(just a little bit though). :D

Posted by sissy24511/05/05
very funny! :D

Posted by Ilovepink404/12/06
sam ting...idk why i said that

Posted by squishysqueak04/07/07
i agree with cliff! :-?

Posted by javlad2708/04/07
pretty good, I got that one. :P

Posted by Starriddler11/08/08
The correct answer: Hopefully,you are.

Posted by Flamey50001/03/10
mad-ade: He asked WHO is the tallest, not WHICH. Great teaser! I got it within the first 5 secs.

Posted by dangerouspie10108/05/12
What If I'm a baby? :cry:


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