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Submitted By:Ossa
Fun:*** (2.34)
Difficulty:*** (3.07)

Six friends are playing a word game. To see who will start, they each draw a letter tile from a bag containing all the letters of the alphabet. Anna pulls out a J, Simon pulls out an R, Lauren pulls out an H, Joe pulls out a P and Marie Claire pulls out a C. Jaqueline's letter completes the sequence perfectly. WHAT IS IT??

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Posted by smileysteve03/02/03
Hard but very good

Posted by cnmne01/28/05
After not being able to figure out anything based on the names, I figured that the names might be a ruse. I was then able to find another pattern. The position difference between the first and third letters (J and H) is 2, as is the difference between the second and fourth letters (R and P). The difference between the third and fifth letters (H and C) is 5. To maintain this pattern, the difference between the fourth (P) and sixth (?) letters must also be 5. That would make the sixth letter a K.


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